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guy's being soppy. forget it!

my 32nd birthday, not a great time to undergo a new experience, but a work colleague had laid down the gauntlet. "get a tattoo" he'd said so on my birthday i decided to do some thing i'd never dome before. so along to the local tattooists i ventured. the most obvious thing was to have my birthsign carved into my upper arm so away the tattooist rattled. as the time wore on, i thought abought piercing. not my ears, my nether regions were out of the question for a first time...... i know, i thought, my belly. as the guy finished my tattoo, i took a deep breath. "can you pierce my belly" my sharp outtake of breath blurted. i remember it vividly. "this is a clean needle, i have to show you this" "ok" i retorted, following another deep breath. don then proceeded to tell me how it all worked. within a short time, i'd had some gunge sprayed on to my navel region and a ring was produced in a sealed packet. i nodded to some other remark about it being clean. then next thing i knew it was over. no pain, little claret. "wow" i thought "that was peasy". at the end, though it was over a very short space of time, my life had taken a new meaning. i had bitten a very big bullet. i thought of what others might think. i thought about taking it out as soon a sit was done. but it had done something for ME. i had done something personal & private. and i liked it! the healing process? well i thought i was rotting away at one point. despite following the recommendations of don, it still took ages to heal. every day i would bathe twice a day, and take care to wash my belly very carefully. eventually it did heal. little did i realise that in the future, any slight tugging on the piercing would cause not only insurmountable pain but the re-healingprocess to have to start all over again. upon speaking to a friend who was a professional piercer, he explained that he had a p.a. that was prone to 'smarting' every now and then. my initial reaction was to show the world, who viewed it indifferently. well what of it? i sometimes abhor having a pierced belly. after all i'm a guy! only girls have the anatomy to get away with what i have had done, and i am not exactly svelt!! nevertheless i have stuck with it. holidays, if i feel conscious i change the jewellry to something less conspicuous. if i am up for it, i will find one of my rings(or buy a new one) to show off. but generally i'm relatively reserved about flashing my belly. and my acceptance at having a piercing. well since having it done, a lot of my friends have been abroad, seen naked flesh and realised how many people have nipples, navels and the like pierced and have talked a good game in getting something of their's pierced(i have see no evidence yet!) but my feeling................. it has given me a new lease of life!! sex.......... dynamite, my belly ring has given me a sense i could never explain. it has certainly become a nerve centre of foreplay as far as my sex life is concerned. i have thought about going for something else..... a prince albert perhaps. but my girlfriend though at one time was going to have her belly done has gone very quiet. what does the future hold? my friends? well i think i have got to take the initiative. some of my friends have got the body for piercings far more imaginative than i ever will aspire to. i look at them in a completely different light now. moreover, i look at everyone in a similar way. from the girl behind the bar at my local pub, to the girls i work with. some are up for it, some aren't. they seem to think there is a pain element involved. how can i explain to the contrary? i would love to meet someone who can share in the art of body piercing. i am a bit of a wallflower who just wanted something privately that i could enjoy. i would love to go further, but i have to be careful. i am conscious of what i could get away with. yet at the same time i want to be different. i have some ideas, though it is difficult getting them across to my partner well something has got to give. either me or my girlfriend. i think i have got the staying power.... and the the bottle. watch this space!! i intend to carry on being different and i have a plethora of ideas on how i can maintain my aim............ to be that little bit different. like i have said "watch this space", i'll keep you all posted(with hopefully piccies to prove my progress)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: don
Studio: don%27s
Location: thanet

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