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ly hate pain. But I wanted something peirced. So I thought about my bellybutton. So I asked my mom, even though she would say "NO", but to my suprise, she said yeah if i get a job, but soon i talked her into it(cause I didnt want a job).Then she told me to get the money for it and I asked my grandma. I soon got the money from my grandma, and my mom and I planned a day to go get it done. I was as nervous as anyone would be getting something peirced. All I have is my ears, and I did those by myself. So the day of the peircing...... The day It was time to get my bellybutton peirced, I woke up early and I called around some places,We found one and we went to pick up my friend Renee, and we were on our way. In the car thats all I was talking about, and I keep pinching my stomach to see how it would feel. As anyone would do. We couldnt find the place at first, then there it was......ahh!! We parked and went inside and by this point I had butterfies in my stomach, and I felt like passing out,cause I hate needles and pain.So we filled out paperwork and picked a pretty 14g loop with a black & silver ball on it.I keep asking him if It would hurt and he keep telling me nah! you'll just feel a little pinch!! He told me to go into the back(of the counter) which was wierd. Im so freakin out by now. Wanting to turn back ,but knowing I cant, and I would hate myself if I did. He made a mark on me and told me to lay down on the counter where their was a some cushion on. I laid down and felt like crying I was so scared... He put the clamps on(which people say hurt) I didnt feel them AT all. then he busted out with the needle and I was shaking now. He told me to put my hands behind my head, and I told him I was going to hit him if it hurt.I keep asking him over and over if it would hurt,so he told me to be queit and then he told me to take a deep breathe. By this point I expected the worse. But to my SUPRISE it didnt hurt as bad as I thought I would, so I asked him if he was done and he said yes!That only took about 10 sec. at the most! I looked down and he was screwing on the ball.The peircing its self felt like a LITTLE pinch, some what like a shot,but not as bad. Coming from someone who hates pain, thats pretty good. I got up and THATS when I hurt THE WORST!! it was sooo soar. I felt like crying then.I looked in the mirror but i didnt care, all i felt was the pain. Then my friend and my mom was like...ahh!!how cute!! So i just sucked up the pain and paid and walked out and got into the car carefully .And the whole ride back i was staring at it and talking about it. But I will tell you that it is SOO freakin' soar afterwards. I just got it done yesterday and it still hurts(only when something rubs up agianst it) ouch!! I cleaned it and that kinda hurt, cause you have to turn it and the soap gets into it and burns( but thats when you know it is working) Theirs a red around it which i wish would go away soon. But otherwise its cool, even though its kinda off centered. The stuff they can give you after you peirce it, is good. Its $10.00 though, but GET IT!!! its worth it. I personly think get the peircing if you want, but dont get it cause everyone else is , thats why I did it, and I think its not worth it.Even though i keep thinking how cute it will be this summer .Get it cause ~YOU~ want it. Or else it isnt as fun! But everything you do, reflects upon the peircing. Wondering if your going to hit it or what.Ex..clothes you wear.Im freezing my A$$ off. Cause its the winter now and i have to wear hafe shirts. So just think hard before you get it..it doesnt hurt that bad when you get it done, just hurts afterwards..(but everyone is different so..) *IF YOU PLAN ON GETTING IT.. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN***** just think of the worst when you get it done and you will be so suprised when it actually happens,cause it doenst even hurt as bad as you think it would :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Dec. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Some+Guy
Studio: SomePlace
Location: Somewhere+in+Ft.+Worth+Tx

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