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My navel ring story

his piercing experience was really an oddysey. I actually had been thinking about getting pierced since about 1995. A girlfriend at the time had just gotten her navel pierced, and I really liked it. But I thought it would be a little extreme for a guy to get. So I shelved the idea for a little while. Fast forward to Halloween 1997. I just decided to hell with it and went to a piercing studio I had seen on Melrose.(Not the TV show)I was so damn nervous when I got inside that I could barely tell the girl what I wanted to do! I told her, "I think I want to pierce my bellybutton."It was almost a question. She suggested I go downstairs to the liquor store and buy a drink to relax. So I went downstairs and bought a snapple and that settled me down.
So now I was back upstairs and ready to go. There was no one in the store which I actually liked. I felt Kristy, the piercer could give me her undivided attention. The whole thought that I was about to get pierced put me in a hazy state. I really didn't give much thought to what jewelry I wanted. I never gave a barbell any thought. I just picked out a 14g silver ring with darker gray bead. I filled out a form and paid her $50 for the services. We then went into this small room with bamboo walls. Pretty cool. I told her that I wanted it a little off-center because everyone has theres going straight up and down. She agreed that it would look good a little off to the left. At this point she had her gloves on, and she had my ring sitting in a sterile solution in a small cup. She marked the top and then the bottom of my navel with a fine pen and then cleaned my navel area before....the clamps! Not the clamps! After I lied down she applied the clamp which was a mild dull pain. Really nothing. Then she was ready to go. I must say that Kristy, who runs the whole shop herself is very professional. She's very straight forward with you about
any piercing questions. You just get the vibe that she knows what she's talking about. It did help the experience that she's attractive as well--So back to the moment of truth. She told me to take a deep breath and when I was done exhaling she would pierce me. I breathed. She pierced. It was a dull pain. I've banged my shins skateboarding before which is a lot more painful. So I still had this needle sticking in my stomach. She fed the ring through which I didn't feel at all. Then she told me to get up and take a look in the mirror. I couldn't believe I actually did it. At the time, I has seen very few guys(like 2) with a navel ring, and only knew a few girls who had them. It was definately worth it! She gave me healing instructions(Dial soap for kids twice a day for a looong time)and I was on my way. Now the healing didn't go as planned. I guess my impatience got the better of me. It was till hurting and pussing after like 5 days, so I got sick of not sleeping on my stomach, my belt rubbing it, etc...so I took it out! At the time I thought, at least I did it. Maybe I would forget about it. I actually did for a while. But I just decided to do it again about a year later. When Kristy saw me she was surprised I had taken it out. It had completely healed. So she marked it up and did it again. She commented that I was lucky there wasn't any scar tissue--it went through cleanly.That was in October 1998, almost a year after the initial piercing. I've had the ring in for over a year now,its completely healed, and I recently put in a 12g ring all silver. I want to put in a 10g in a few weeks. Damn its hard to be patient sometimes. Its taken me this long to submit my experience, but I hope to send some pictures soon. I lag. I've got a really tight stomach(6-pack), and go skating at the beach all the time. So I get a lot of complements on my bodymod. No complaints... So I guess that's about it. I've seen a lot more guys w/pierced navels in the past year, so that's cool. I think navel rings look good on any girl. But I think a guy needs to have a somewhat tight stomach for it to really look good. Anyways just idle thought. So if your a guy out there and your contemplating getting pierced just get it. If you don't like it you can take it out. And if your a girl out there still thinking about it, what are you still waiting for??!! Send me some mail if you like. Good luck FAB


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Kristy
Studio: House+Of+Freaks
Location: Hollywood%2C+CA

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