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Craving for piercings

y my sister and I were joking around with my mom asking if we could get stuff pierced thinking she would say no. To our surprise she said yes to everything but eyebrow and lip. So one day my mom called the piercing places in Raleigh and picked the best one. This kept getting posponed because my grand parents were in town and they would freak out if they knew, so we had to wait about 3 weeks before we could go. The day came and I was so ready. BE SURE TO TAKE YOUR ID WITH YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. We had to wait for my dad to bring our id's so that they knew we were my mom's children. My mom's friend went to get her navel pierced too and my sister got her cartlidge done. It took me forever to pick out jelwery but finally I picked out the jewlry, a titanium yellow CBR with 2 blue beads 14 gage. I went first because I was so ready to get pierced. They took me to the back and cleaned my navel and the piercer was hilarious so even when he was putting the needle through (which hurt like all) I was laughing. He had me check the places he marked for the holes I said it looked fine and he said "good, that's the way it looked on the video." Having him say that stuff actually relaxed my because I knew he was being sarcastic. This place was so imaculately clean but you could tell that they have a sense of humor. They had stuffed squirrels on the wall with lots of piercings and they had me watch a punching nun that had two nipple rings as I was getting pierced. They didn't get mine quite on center, he said it was because I am so skinny that it was hard to find the crease in my skin... I mean you can't even tell that it is not on center. The clamp they used felt like I was closing my finger in a door, just a lot of pressure. But because it wasn't it hurt realy bad, but I like pain. My mom's friend went after me and I told her not to hate me but I told her how much mine hurt (she almost backed out before). It is now 3 weeks later and it looks awesome, I take great care of it and all of my friends that have had theirs pierced for months are upset because theirs are still red. I liked the expierince so much that I want to go get the bottom part of my navel pierced and my cartlidge twice. Since I am only 17 I have to have my mom sign it so maybe I'll just wait until I go to college next year. I spent hours on this web site before going to get an idea of what gage and what kind of ring I wanted. I decided to go with 14 gage because it is really easy to find 14 gage jelwery. Be sure that the ring you get (if you get a ring) isn't too big as in diameter wise. Mine is kinda big and it makes it harder, because my pants hit it all the time. It was really hard to sit down the first day, the second day I was fine though. three weeks later I still can't sleep on my stomach all that comfortably because I have a rather large ring but I'll live. If you have any doubts about the sterilization of the place ask. The place that I went to made us wait 30 minutes so that they could sterilize the rings after we picked them out, they cleaned our navels well and marked them, after they pierced (with a new needle and gloves) they soaked it of a few minutes and cleaned it with witchhazel. I was told to soak it for 15 minutes twice a day with sea salt in warm water, and not to rotate it because it is like picking a scab. They also told me that I have to go back to them the first time I want to change it and that I had to wait at least 6 weeks to change it. I can't wait to get a smaller ring or a bent bar. Now that it is starting to heal it itches and sometimes I will accidentally pull on it when I am pulling my shirt away for my stomach. For the first week and a half when someone would accidentally hit me in the stomach it hurt like heck, but now unless they throw me over their shoulder, it is all good. I am so glad to have had it done, but I don't like the fact that almost everyone has it done, I want to be diffrent. That is why I have decided to get it pierced at least one time on the bottom, if not twice. I like being diffrent.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Billy
Studio: Blue+Flame
Location: Raleigh%2C+NC

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