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My experience with a long needle and a pretty barbell

or a few months I had been considering getting my belly button pierced but I could never get past the horrible images of the clamp and needle, to make matters worse I went with one of my friends to get her belly button pierced and she made out like it hurt so much she was going to die so that put me off. I still really wanted to get it done though because I have always though that it looked really great and also that it would be a great way to express my individuality. My piercing was kind of a spur of the moment thing. For about a week I had been seriously thinking about it and had also tried to get a booking with a piercer at a hair dressing salon but them thought better of it as somehow the idea of a hairdresser piercing my navel was not all that attractive. Then one of my friendscame up with the sugesstion of going to a place called "Straight to the Point" they were professional piercers who only did body piercing and nothing else, the thought that they specialised in body piercing certainly put my mind at rest about putting future of my navel in their hands so to speak. I also knew a lot of other people who had gone their and I had only heard good reports about them and another good thing was that they were really sterile and none of my friends had ever got infected since getting pierced there. My friend who suggested that I go there had got her tongue done at "Straight to the Point" about a week or two before and told me that they were really gentle and nice and that if I wanted my navel done that I should go there. Well after a lot of umming and ahhing we decided to go there the next day after school to get my navel piercing, my friend wanted to come so she could watch me get it done since I wouldn't chicken out and also so she could be moral support. Well the next day came and driving there I almost chickened out and wanted to go home but my friend made sure I kept going. When we got there I met Cass my lovely piercer and asked her if I could possibly get my navel pierced. Firstly she asked me to show her my navel and she got all happy and told me how beautiful my navel was and how much she wanted to pierce it. By this stage I was so caught up in her infectious happiness and smiles that I completely forgot all my fear and we went and picked my jewelry. I chose a beautiful double jewel curved barbell with blue stones, Cass was so nice the whole thing was really quite easy and not at all as scary as I thought it would be. She told me all about each of the jewelry and helped me pick out the one which was the best for my piercing and would be of the gbest sized gauge for it. When we got into the piercing room I got a little nervouse but lying down on the table I got really calm. Cass went though the procedure with me telling me what would happen and showing me all the sterilisation equipment and also showing me my needle which was brand new in an unopened packet so that put my mind at rest about the safeness of the place. When Cass pierced me I actually did not even feel the needle go in Cass told me to brethe in and out deeply three times and on the last time I exhaled she would put the needle through. She was finished before I felt it had even started it didn't hurt at all, everyone says that the navel is the most painful piercing and if this is true then all the others must feel like nothing also then. I love my navel piercing and everyone who sees it comments on how unusual it is since where I live most people just get rings. I have had my navel ring for about 2 months now and ocassionally it gets a little weepy but since the healing time is 3 to 6 months it was totally expected. I am now over my piercing fear and in a week I am booked in to get my tongue pierced :-) Anyone who is thinking about getting their navel pierced should definately get it done. It is a great way of expressing your individuality and also it looks GREAT. After care and the chance of infection are certainly something which worried me and I am sure worries everyone. I was cleaning my piercing three times a day for the first two weeks with diluted tea tree oil which was really good and now I am cleaning it once a day to twice a day depending on how it looks on the day. If there are a lot of "crusties" I usually clean it twice a day but lately it had been drying up and not getting as weepy so I have been cleaning it once a day. It is almost healed now and feels great. The initial pain (it usually hurts for a few days after the procedure) was certainly worth it although mine was not that bad and I could even sleep on my tummy the night I got it done although in the morning it was a little sore. As my piercer told me just look after it and nothing bad will happen. My piercer Cass gave me her phone number so I can call her with any quiries and I am sure that most other professional piercers would do so also. Good luck with your piercings if you are going to get one and remember don't listen to what anyone says it doesn't hurt that bad. My parents did not like my navel piercing but as I told them this is something I did for me and not for anyone else, I am the only one who sees my belly button ona daily basis therefore they have no say. Good luck with your peircings


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Cass
Studio: Straight+to+the+Point
Location: Newcastle+Australia

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