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How my wife got her wish.

fe has always said that I was diferent, but she really had no Idea until she brought up the subject of Piercing. I told her that I had been thinking about doing something like that, but I had doubts, and that if she would go with me, she could watch and make sure that things went the way that they should. She is a Nurse, and she tried to scare me by telling me that there were allot of people out there with all kinds of infections and that I would get one if I got any kind of peircing done, So I asked her did she not want me to get it done, and she said that I was a chicken, and didn't have the nerve to have this done, " besides there is no way that you could stand the pain." she staed to me in a sneer. Well, this is where I decided to give her something that she would remember for the rest of her life. I asked her if she thought that I would look bad if I got it done, and if she would be grossed out, she stated that she would give anything to see me do this. I plotted for the longest time, and when her birthday came around, I told her to put on her best clothing and that we were going out for supper. She got herself dolled up and out we went. On the way to the restrant, I told her that there was one thing that we had to do before we reached our destination. This is when I told her that we were stopping in a tattoo shop and that we were going to look around. While there, I told here that I wanted to ook at some of the genital peircings, and she responed, "WHY", you know that you won't get it done, So I made a bet with her, I told her that if I got it done, she would have to kiss it and make it well again. She agreed, and off I went to find someone to help me with this. I found the owner and told him that my wife wanted me to get pierced. he asked me what I wanted done, and I said that he would have to ask my wife. That is when she said, you penis, ( to put it lightly), I said ok. I came out of my pants like a snake shedding his skin, and managed, with shaking legs to climb up onto the chair. I have to state that at this point, I was ready to chuck the whole thing, jump down for this tourture chair and head for the hills, but the thought of my wife laughing her ass off at me, made me stand my ground. I decided that it was best to ask a few questions before I let this stranger put a hole in my body. I asked if it would hurt and he said that there was a tingleing sensation when it was done, which I found to be true. I then asked how long would it take before I could have sex after having it done. He told me that it is standard practice to wait at least 6 months before anything crazy could be done. I then asked the most important question for myself, Would this cause a big infection, that I could not get rid of, anf take me downfor the dirt nap. He assured me that as long as I kept the sight clean, and didn't put any strain on it, I would heal well and that I would have some thing to be proud of. You know what? he was right, I am proud of what I have done. I must tell you that this as one of the most unusual things that I have very done, but I found that My wife found it erotic, and yes, she kept it well kissed. She liked so much, that I decided then and there that I would give her this every year on her Birthday, and so far, I have both sides of my nose done, my Penis, my lip, my eyebrow, my toungue, both nipples, and my hyloid region, which I must say really took allot of guts for me to do. I have found that this has really spiced up our sex life in the best way possible. I have also found out that I am running out of plases to peirce, and I am having a problem with myemployer, But you know what? I think that I will just have to find me another job. If this is what it takes to get a riseout of my wife, I am going to keep them and the Boss can go hang. I would like to thank Ancient Art for all that they have done for me and my wife's wishes and our Sex life.... JimJam


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: N%2FA
Studio: Acient+Art+tattooes
Location: Roanoke+Va.

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