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me, the wimp, got my navel pierced!

it! I actually did it! I was petrified with getting my ears pierced, and now, here I am, with a pierced navel. I got it done just FOUR days ago, and I love it to death, even though I've knocked into it and dropped books on it a few times (that KILLS!) Now, let's get one thing straight, I did not do this to be trendy, I've wanted it done way before it was popular, it just took me this long to convince my mom to give her permission (she was kinda obligated to after she decided to get her nose pierced). Amazing, my 38 year old mother getting her nose pierced...who would've figured? But oh well, it meant I got to get my navel pierced, so I'll be damned if I stood in my mom's way. I was so nervous before going to get it pierced, but once I got there, I was suprisingly calm. I knew I wanted it done, and there was just no reason to be nervous. When I went in, my mom gave her consent to let me be pierced, and we had to prove she was my mom. The guy said he loved it when mothers and daughters came in together to get piercings. I didn't pick my jewelry, the piercer did. He made a good choice though, it's a cute 14 gauge stainless steel ring with a cute little blackish/silverish ball. I'm not sure what the width is, I was far too happy and all like "I got it pierced! I got it pierced!" to listen to anything he said (of course I listened to the cleaning part though), and I didn't think to ask. First of all, let's get things straight, no matter what people tell you...IT HURTS!! I think people just forget the pain, and assume that it didn't hurt cuz they forgot, but trust me, it hurts. I'm skinny, with 'young skin' as the piercer said (I'm 15), so I had problems with the clamp. He kept getting the skin clamped, but then the skin would snap right out of it. He tried putting the clamp on 5 times, and then finally on the 6th try he got it on and the skin stayed. Let me tell you, that clamp hurts. The clamp made me bleed, the little teeth ripped some of my skin so now I have scratches around my navel, that clamp just hurt so frickin much. Anyway, after he got the clamp in, he put the needle through quickly. Now, with regards to the needle, that hurt like hell too. You can feel the needle go into you, and you can feel the needle go out. Be aware of that, it DOES hurt, don't be pysching yourself up for a painless procedure. But I didn't bleed from the needle, the piercer said he never had a person bleed when piercing the navel. After he made the initial piercing, he put the ring in and I was just too happy to feel any pain with that. People have told me that they felt discomfort when the ring was being put in, but I felt nothing.
I got to get up and see my piercing in the mirror and I LOVED it! I was smiling so much. Even though it hurt terribly, it was so totally worth it. Cleaning kinda stings, and I don't like to turn the ring, but it's no mind-numbing pain. It kinda hurts when my pants bump into it, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I love my piercing, but, unlike some people, I'm not feeling a craving to get anything else pierced. This is quite enough for me, it hurt, and I'm not sure if I want that pain anywhere else. If you're ever in Athens, and looking for a place to get pierced, or tattooed (they have a piercer and a tattoo artist) deffinately go to the Apocalypse, my mom got her nose pierced there too. The piercer is really nice, and they're very sanitary.
As soon as the pictures are developed, I'll get a picture of my lovely navel ring in here, I just love it soooooooooo much! Like everyone else has said, if you want it done, just do it. I love how mine looks, and yes, it did hurt, but it wasn't a terrible pain that left me traumatized or anything. If you have any questions, please e-mail me! I'll be happy to answer anything! Let me finish with saying that this is one of the best sites I've come by concerning piercings (and let me tell you, I've checked out a whole lotta places). I went into the piercing studio sure of myself, which is suprising seeing as how just outside of the studio I was freaking out. This is a great site, and all of you should check the whole thing out, make sure to read some articles, they help.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Tommy
Studio: Apocalypse
Location: Athens%2C+Ohio

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