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Needle Phobic's Encounteer

needles. It's a serious, long-standing phobia. I can't even give blood or get shots without major distraction. Which is why I was always positive I would never, ever get a piercing. But peer pressure is a strong motivator. I had gone to the piercer's the day before with my best friend, who got both of her nipples pierced, and she decided that I should get something done as well. Since I hadn't really been able to watch her get her bars, I seriously doubted I'd be able to stomach getting something done myself, so I was hesitant. I didn't mind "mutilating my body" as my mum puts it, and I loved how piercings look, but the needle thing was a huge stumbling block. My friend was insistent though, and she wore me down. That and she offered to pay for it, and I never turn down a present. So the next day I found myself there again, waiting for the clerk to help us. As I waited I thought I was going to throw up. I mentally beat myself up for agreeing to get it done in the first place. I couldn't believe I was actually going through with it, or that I hadn't passed out from fear yet. The piercer was the store's owner, so I felt really safe, and a lot of people we knew worked and got pierced there. The guy behind the counter had judged that I needed a certain gage. When I was in the back room, the piercer checked me out and decided a smaller bar would do better, a change I'm glad he noticed, since I was gage-illiterate. A larger bar would have been a much more negative experience, because I have a small navel and I was looking for something that was thin and wouldn't have major scarring if I chose to take it out. My fear hadn't abated at all after going into the back room. I was psyching myself up for an awful, painful experience, but I was surprised at how easy it was. The piercer talked to me, getting me to calm down, and his banter made me stop fretting. He complimented me on my belly button too, which just made me feel totally comfortable and got my mind off what was happening. The initial clamp pinched, but it was just a slight irritation, like if you hung heavy clip-on earrings from your belly button. And since I was lying on my back, the needle wasn't visible. There was surprisingly little pain - the needle didn't hurt more than the initial prick for a shot, and once it had gone through my skin, I couldn't feel it at all. Screwing the barbell top on gave me the shivers, but in a moment it was over. I was scared to stand up and see what had been done, and I didn't trust my legs for a second. Relief that it hadn't hurt more made me weak momentarily. But I finally stood and looked at it. The utter cuteness of it made me happy, and the brief twinge of pain that had come before was almost forgotten. Right after, I had to drive the three hours home. When we stopped at a rest stop, I noticed it was bleeding, but I washed it off and it stopped, and never bled again. It got a bruise around it, but that faded within days. It only hurt for a day or two, a dull pain that just announced "Hi, you just stuck metal through your stomach, and your body doesn't like it". But after that initial discomfort, it stopped feeling any different than the rest of me. There's no problem with it - I've had it for five weeks and it's healing normally. My clothing don't bug it unless I sit down hastily and hook the waist of my pants on it. Moving in to my dorm the week after I got it was kind of hard, since the boxes I was carrying kept bumping it, but it doesn't seem that has affected it at all. I find myself playing with it occasionally, which I know is bad, but I can't seem to stop myself. It hasn't gotten infected, and I worked out a way to clean it in the communal bathroom I share with the almost 30 other people on my floor. I even enjoy soaking it twice a day - it reminds me of going to the spa. The best thing is that it's cured me of my needle fear. I'm probably going back over Christmas break and getting my nipples pierced, and I'm considering a tattoo, although it would be a small one. And I no longer mind shots - giving blood seems like a walk in the park now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jefe
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