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*I FiNaLLy GoT mY BeLLy BuTtOn PiErCeD*

I was about 12 I've wanted my belly button pierced. I remember asking my mom and she would just say no over and over. But I knew one day I would actually convince her into letting me get it done. Well know I'm 15, and she finally said yes! Having my mom saying yes, was a huge shock! So after researching everything on belly button piercings, I looked in the phonebook for body piercing places. I found one that sounded like it would be very clean, which is VERY important and I called them. I asked them sooo many questions about the procedure, and they assured me that all their instruments are new and they sterilize everything. They gave me a price range from about 40-50 dollars. Everything sounded great! After talking to my mom and telling her everything about this place, I knew that this was going to be the place I was going to go to. I wanted to get it done ASAP. I was too excited to wait! So I asked my mom if she could take me either Sunday or Monday to get it done. That Monday I had off from school because it was Columbus Day. Well I ended up going on the Monday. On the way down to the piercing place I was totally freaking out! My friends that I brought with me thought I wasn't going to go through with it, but I showed them! We finally got there, and my heart dropped all the way to my stomach! We walked in and I told the lady I was there to get my belly button pierced. She made me show her two forms of ID and my mom and I had to fill out a couple papers. Then she showed me what type of barbell and ring I could have. I thought the rings were prettier, so that's what I picked. Its silver with a genuine diamond on it. Its really cute! Anyway, she told me it would be about a 10 minute wait. At this point I was beyond freaked out. I couldn't believe I was actually there! Finally she called me in. I walked in the room which was all white and had a pretty bright purple dentist looking chair. My piercer told me to get on it and lay down. He then marked where he was going to pierce me and made sure I liked where it was going to be. I okayed it and then he cleaned my belly button. He told me to take a deep breathe and let it out slowly, and that's when he was gonna pierce me. So I did as he said, and after about 5 seconds it was all over! I was soo nervous over nothing!! It was very little pain! It just felt like a pinch. I got up and walked out of the place happier then ever!! But then something weird started happening! As I was walking to the car, I started to feel very dizzy, and my legs felt like jello. Everything started to black, and I couldn't hear anything. I was on the verge of passing out! It was a very scary feeling, but after getting some water and resting for about 5 minutes, they feeling was all gone! The reason I felt this way was because of all the excitement that was in me, and then actually realizing I got it done! Now its about a week that I've had it, and its doing great! It's alittle pink, and I've had some crusties, but that's it! Anyway that's a part of the healing process. The first night I wasn't able to sleep on my stomach, but now I'm fine! I have to make sure I dont wear anything tight that will press against it, and I have to clean it twice a day with a soap called Provon they gave me. I went to a place called Pleasurable Body Piercings INCdoesn't the name sound alittle funny?! and they were great!! If anyone that lives near the NJ area, I recommend you go there! They are clean and everything they use is new. They will answer all your questions and make you feel very comfortable! I recommend getting your belly button pierced to anyone who wants it done! Don't be afraid! I know whats probably worrying most people is the pain, but the pain in nothing, and its over in 5 seconds! If I can deal with it, anyone can! I can't wait till the summer when i get to show it off when I wear my bathing suit! I think belly button piercings are the cutest things!! I love mine to death!! So if anyone has any questions that they would like to ask me, just email me at SiLvRFiRe1@aol.com!!! Thanx for reading!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Aaron
Studio: Pleasurable+Body+Piercing+INC.
Location: Hawthorne%2C+NJ

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