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Navel piercing in North London, England

wanted to get my navel pierced for ages as I think it looks really nice and many of my friends have navel piercings that look great. I was a bit apprehensive though, as I had read that this piercing takes ages to heal and there can be lots of problems and complications associated with it. But what the hell, I decided that I only live once and the worst thing that can happen is that I'd have to take it out. My best friend was supposed to come with me but she cancelled at the last minute. I saw this as a bit of a bad omen but then I thought that if I didn't do it then, I would never do it. So I ended up going on my own. I wasn't that nervous as I have had four teeth pulled out at the same time and that wasn't painful so I wasn't too worried. While I was waiting for my appointment (I was a little bit early) two scared looking girls came into the studio to get their traguses pierced. They were much more nervous than I was about having my belly done and whilst they were filling in the consent forms, they talked as if they were signing their lives away. They asked the piercer how painful the tragus was to get pierced and he said he didn't have his pierced and he looked at me, so I told them it wasn't very painful, probably less than having the top of the ear cartilage pierced. After a while I was shown into the sterile, tidy, white room where the piercing was going to be performed. The piercer put on some white surgical gloves and asked me which banana bell I would like, one with the same size balls at both ends or one with a larger ball at the bottom. I also had the choice of a gem-stoned banana bell, but I decided against this just in case the piercing went bad and then I would have wasted all that money and have nothing for it. He then proceeded to draw a dot in indelible ink to indicate where the piercing would be positioned. It was fine the first time and I motioned to him that I was ready for the event itself. The piercer told me to lie down on the surgeon's bed and look straight up with my arms by my side. Then I just waited. He put the clamp on my skin but that wasn't painful at all. Then he told me to take some deep breaths and suddenly there was a short, sharp pain as the needle went through and a little tugging in order to fit the jewellery. It was over in a jiff and was less painful than many of the ear piercings I'd had done. I was a little bit in shock though and I suddenly felt very hot. I am a person who gets hot very easily and my cheeks were burning up. In fact the piercing hadn't caused this, I just had a headache from before but the piercer kept asking me if I was ok which was a bit embarrassing as I had tears in my eyes but not because I was going to cry, just because I was feeling very hot. It sounds strange, but the first thing I did when I left the shop was to buy some really colourful tacky rings. I think that for a few minutes my senses seemed out of control and I felt a little disorientated.
Although I am only into my fifth day of having my piercing, I love it and I keep looking at it in the mirror. Yesterday I went to a gig and I got banged about a bit, but it seems to have survived the test of a smoky, dirty atmosphere. I have to hide it from my mum though as I know that she would not be pleased that I had it done. I am thinking about getting a tongue piercing and a labret but I'm not sure if I will definitely get them. It is a bit sore but I am cleaning it regularly. It is surgical steel, so I doubt that I will have an allergic reaction to it as I do so often with gold or silver. I always sleep on my back which is a really good advantage in terms of piercings because I never have to worry about banging them in the night and all my other piercings have healed really quickly and easily compared to other people who sleep on their bellies or sides. I am really pleased I had it done and would definitely recommend the experience to anyone thinking about getting their navel pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: a+lovely+young+man
Studio: Cold+Steel
Location: Camden+Town%2C+London%2C+UK

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