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NaX Getz Her Navel Pierced in LES

ry this is how it goes... Well...its all started with me wanting a nose piercing back in 8th grade(i'm in 10th now)...i thought it was so cool...earlier that year I had gotten my second piercing, so I kept that nose ring in mind , when later that year My friend Daniella wanted to get her Belly button/Navel pierced. She asked me to go , so I did for moral support...I had asked my mom and OKed it with her that i could get my 3rd piercing on the lobe and a cartilage on the upper part of the right ear...after some nagging she had said yes. So I went with her and she got it...she said she barely felt it after she was done, i went and got the peircings on my on my ear with the gun( the cartilage is still healing till this day). later on she went on to get more things pierced. So from that day i thought i wanted it myself...then one year passed, I had gotten my other ears 3rd by this time and I start thinking about a piercing that I want that could be covered easily, because I play basketball. I thought about Nipples...then realizing that it was to much for me to handle...so i decided to get my navel/bellybutton, After naggin my mom now again said yes...thinking I wouldn't do it...( i showed her) i called my boyfriend and told him the next day i would do it,I was so nervous that night so the next day i got enough courage and I told my mom to spot me a $5 cuz i wanted to get Dial Antibacterial Soap,while i was on my way to the place(Astor Place)..well like some of my friends online said to get...I also read it here at BME..well after that i met my b/f at starbucks and we walked about two blocks to the place my friend had gotten it a year earlier..it was a place with tattoo pics all over aswell as diffrent bars,rings,barbells and etc..I chose a ring with a blackish gray ball....he took out everything, i made sure everything was sterilized... then he serialized the area around my belly button by puttin all this stuff around it ( all antibacterial liquids)...it made me feel more secure to know that he was cleaning everything well after that he drew a mark on me, I OKed it then he proceded and clamped me(which hurt more than the actual piercing)..i looked up to my b/f and didn't look back down until he was done...i felt the needle go through then i felt something slide up through it....i knew that was the ring...i looked down and he was getting the ball into the ring, with pliers..my b/f had implied that i had more guts than him..cuz i had went through with it , he likes it as well as I do... and i'm totally happy with it...i would reccomend it to anyone..next I'm thinking about my nipples now....after awhile i think i might get eyebrow then i'm gonna ink ..its something i've wanted for longer than a piercing...something japanese/chinese sayin woman and strength because I think i'm a strong woman and i would like to express it more than most do..then it might go to a Flaming basketball on my calf then maybe a panther on my back....then maybe even my name writing nice in script with red outline...i've gotten henna of it and it looks great, I'm really excited for my 18th b-day because thats when i plan on doing it.. ~2Weeks later~ Well it got infected about a week ago, my doctor prescribed me a cream called Bactroban and its work so good i think its already healed, i might change the jewelry to a curved barbell, the bactroban has helped a lot...i have gotten Crusties and they're nasty and all but its a symbol of it healing. Thank You For Reading my story! if anyone knows any good ink artist or a piercer in N-Y-C..e-mail me@babs1421@yahoo.com ....I might want my tongue also! see how your mind changes in a matter of minutes? Some FYI - 1)Always do research before you actually get the piercing to know what your in for. 2)Make sure everything in sanitary, like he wearing gloves and everything coming out of a Autoclave bag....make sure he never used any of the equipment before. Go to a place that someone has reccomended to you...its usually a better place than just walking in into just any shop. Thats Pretty Much it, G/L on your Piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: A+Indan+Guy+with+no+tats+or+piercings%2C+go+figure
Studio: st+marks+place%2Cnyc
Location: NYC

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