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This piercing is the Bomb diggity!!!

a half an hour ago I was laying back in a chair getting a needle shoved through my skin. It was such a rush. My belly button looks so great and it really didn't hurt that much. Since i was in seventh grade(i'm in 9th now) i'd wanted to get my navel pierced. My Dad was totally against it and so was my step mom but when i brought it up with my Mom she didn't seem to mind that much. So one weekend i was just determied to get it done. On friday i asked my momis i could get it done and she said let me think about it.It took me a bought 15 minutes on Saterday morning to convice my mom and we went the the Warlock. A friend had gotten her belly buttom done there (as well as every other thing on her body:). I was a little worried about how my boyfriend was going to react. But there was not way i was going to turn back then.I was so incredibly nervous my stomach was all knotted up. But i acted like it wasn't a big deal. My mom was all like, "I can't beleive i'm letting you do this.Your fathers going to throw a fit, your grandmas going to shoot me." When i walked in they asked for my mom's id and hooked me up with some paper work. We sat on these really comfertable black velvet chairs and i talked to this really cute guy who was getting a Prince Albert done but anyways back to me. Then we went to the back and she explained everything to me. The only problem i had with it was the room was kinda open but it didn't seem like that big a deal. All the equipment was sterile and she was really nice. I was so nervous i was slightly shaking, Then she put the clamps on, They pinched pretty bad but then she put the needle through my skin it really didn't hurt as bad as i imagined but you can feel a needle being shoved through. It does hurt, i'm not going to lie. It really hurt the worst when she put the ring through. She puted my skin and it was already hurting cause the needle.I was sitting there like dazied. I had finally gotten it done. Ididn't beleive i had gone through with it. But it really didn't hurt that much. I think getting my ears done hurt more.Then she told me how to take care of it and i payed. You have to keep it really clean and soaking it with epsoms salt helps it heal. Only turn it when your hands are clean and when it is wet. It forgot this a minute ago and it really hurts to try and turn it when its dry. TH ewater lubricates it or somthing i think. It takes 6-24 months to heal. When you first get it done avoid the ocean and pools and stuff like that they are dirty. After a while you can go to the pool and the ocean and other nice places like that but clean the piercing after it na ddry well. Do not put neosporen, bacetracoe or anything like it on your pircing cause; one, the film gets in the wound and it can't breathe(which is not good, it will not heal) or it will heal aound the ring or bar and incase you were confued that is not good either. Don't take bathes for 8 weeks after you get yor piercing because i forgot why but just don't do it. If you play a sport or have a gym class before class or before your game put a bandaide over the pirceing and after class or that game take it off, clean the pircing and dry it good. I didn't faint or anything after the piercing but just incase get sombody to drive you home.. It really didn't even bleed much. I don't really feel anything until i cleaned it, the soap kind of stings and it hurts turning it. I'm going to a party tonight so i hope it stays that way. The rest of my friends that i didn't show are dying to see it. i have not told my best friend yet, she is really going to kill me. Her mom won't let her get her's done. My friends are all so totally jealous of me. My boyfriend loves it, he thinks it's totally sexy!He also mentioned tongue piercing but i reaaly doubt my mom would go for that. I can not wait til summer. Then i can really show it off. If your considerig it just do it cause you'll be so happy about it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Kecia
Studio: Warlock+Southern+Dragon
Location: Raleigh%2C+NC

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