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all the pain was worth it

always hoped i would be able to get something pierced before i got out of high school. i have 7 holes in my ears, but that wasn't enough. i go to a catholic, private school so you can't have facial piercings, ot visible tattoos. so, my obvious choice was my navel. I had wanted it pierced for like 2 years and my parents always said no. so my birthday started to get closer, and i tried again, this time my parents said ok. so 3 days after my birthday, me, my mom, my brother, 2 of my cousins, and one of my cousin's friends went to get me pierced.I tried not to think about it all day because i was afraid i would get too nervous. we got there and the lady was like well who do you want to watch? i didnt know at first, so she took me back to the piercing room and i picked out this little hoop with a burgundy ball on it. everyone thought i was gonna get black, so i wanted to be different. i said my cousin and her friend could watch just cuz i knew they woudn't make me laugh, but right before she started to prep me i decided that everyone could watch . so there were like 6 people in this tiny room and my brother and my other cousin looking in through the door. the lady who did it was really nice, she knew what she was talking about too. she said she wanted to pierce me while i stood up because that would insure a more accurate piercing, but if i got all like light-headed or anything, i could tell her. so she marked the dots and everything and i said they were good. she told me to focus on something else so i did. then she put on the clamps, they didn't hurt as much i expected them to. Kelly was like just breathe in and out, it's ok. so i was and everything and she put the needle in. But there was a little problem, the needle wasn't going all of the way through. the other lady who worked there was like what's going on? and Kelly was like maybe it's a defective needle. well, it started to hurt, a lot. my mom held my hand cuz i guess i had like no color in my face . the worst part was that i saw my cousin covering her face, so i was like oh god! then she took off the clamps, but that didn't help. so it was hurting pretty bad by that point. then finally she was like all right, and it was over. she put the hoop through, and my mom was like can you let her lie down. i didn't want to but i had to cuz they said i looked weird. so she put the ball in and told me how to take care of it and all of that stuff. then she was like as soon as you feel ok you can get up to look at. so i got up right away and i was like wow. i can't believe i actually did it. it's so awesome looking. but all of that pain was worth it. i knew something like that would happen cuz everyone is like no that doesn't hurt at all, haha right. the only advice i can give people is to be prepared for it to hurt cuz you don't expect it. my brother wants his lip and eyebrow done, but after that he's starting to realize that it might hurt. but i wouldn't give up my experience for anything, i love my piercing. all the pain was worth it.... i want to get my eyeborw periced too but i will be 18 next year so i can probably wait i guess. my mom just says no facial piercings until you're 18. i just still can't believe it's pierced. it's crazy!! have you ever like put earrings on you to make it look like you're pierced? well i have, and the fact that i have it done is just like crazy. my dad, who originally was all for the piercing didn't go cuz he said the piercer probably didn't want an audience. but when i came home and showed him, he was like man that looks like it hurt, he was like that's kinda freaky. he probably would've passed out if he saw me get pierced though. anyway i guess i have shared enough with you guys but if you have any questions, or just wanna say something then email me, [email protected] i love strangeland. i definitely reccomend this piercing to people, i think it looks really cool on people, and it makes you feel like you're different for everyone else. that's because no one has the same piercing experiences, you could ask everyone who's ever been pierced, and you'll never get the same answer. it was fun, if you don't have your navel pierced, then get the fuck up and get it done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Kelly
Studio: Lady%27s+and+Lad%27s
Location: Grafton%2C+VA

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