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The Freaky Lady

I have never been really interested in a navel piercing. I just always wanted my tongue done. My friend had gotten hers done, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wanted one so bad then. I had brought the idea up to my Mom tons of times and tons of time she said NO! She would say things such as "I don't want to see you with all these wholes" I had only had 5 at the time. But that was 3 too many according to my Mom. Mom would always remind me of the fact that when I come home from college I'm gonna have all these piercing and weird colored hair and so on... And like always I deny it. My 17th Birthday was coming up and I had asked again and again it was a no. But then are plans for my birthday had gotten ruined. My Mom felt bad about it even though she had nothing to do with it. Are cat had gotten really sick and told her that I didn't want anything for my Birthday. I just wanted the cat to have the surgery it needed. I told her if she really wanted to get me something she could let me get my cartilage pierced again or a third hole in my lobe or my navel. She looked at me and said "Your not getting your stomached pierced"! So she had chosen my ear.

That night I went out to eat with my friends only to find out that we weren't going to a club on my Birthday like we had originally planed. We are now going to the movies. Which had really pissed me off. When I got home I explained to my Mom what had happened. And she felt bad for me. I told how she could make my Birthday better...by letting me get my navel pierced! She just half smiled at me. My Birthday was the next day and I wasn't looking forward to it. I was thinking that it was the worst Birthday ever. When I had gotten up the next day(My Birthday)and I asked her what are we doing today? My Mom told me with a depressed look on her face getting your piercing...I asked which one? She said your navel.. I was excited! We went to one place first and I had forgotten to bring my driver's liscens for ID I'm glad that I forgot because that place really scared me! These were these big guys covered in tattoos. And the place reeked of something. Those people in there were just really strange. So I went home and went somewhere else. This lady comes out with three tattoos on her back and some on her arms, she had short blond spiky hair. She was wearing spiky jewelry. She also had had her chin pierced. She reminded me of the weight loss women, Susan Powder. She was really nice about it. So she took in to this back room and I sat in the chair. She laid me back, and I saw that there was fly's and bugs glued to the ceiling and I just stared at those. The lady put the clamps on and was telling me about the rush. She put the needle in and then put the ring in. I felt almost nothing. It was like a pinch. Getting my navel pierced was like getting your cartilage pierced. They feel the same. She went over some simple aftercare instructions and I was done. It was so cool! It was the best Birthday ever! Well, a few days had gone by and my piercing is healing very nicely. I am now able to sleep on my stomach and move in every direction. Its a little red but that is suppost to go away soon. And I hope It does. I just keep cleaning it. I put Antibacterial cream on it. I saw my friends that evening and I showed them my navel. They weren't expecting my Mom to let me get it either. They thought it was so cool. They want to get it done now too. That night we went out to a dance club after the movies. Everyone there could see my new blue ring. A lot of people liked it.

I was so excited to have it in and the fact that my Mom had let me have it too. I suggest it to anyone. I love mine. I would like to expand on my piercing to my tongue. I really, really, REALLY, want my tongue done! I am thinking about doing it myself but with my luck I'll probably mess it up! I'm hoping my will agree to it. But I doubt she will! If anyone has any questions please email me [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Sargent+Mandy
Studio: The+Illustrated+Man
Location: Mechanicsburg+P.A.

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