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getting dumped=navel piercing

I am going to share with you my experience of getting my navel pierced and I also got my tongue pierced today so I will throw in some stories about that experience as well!! Getting dumped can make you do many things. But for me, it took me right to a piercing studio to get a hoe, other than the already exsisting one, in my navel. I was scared out of my mind because people were telling me that it hurts like hell. But I jsut sucked it up and was determine to get my mind off of getting dumped. I walked into the studio with confidence. I said, I want my belly button pierced. I sat in the chair with a huge smile on my face, not really knowing what to expect. I knew that if I looked at the needle, I would only chicken out so I looked straight up at the ceiling, and waited. The anticipation was the worst part. The piercer told me what he was doing and he could tell that I was nervous. I felt a poke and a prick but then it was over. It didn't even hurt. It felt like getting blood drawn. I swear!! I looked down and saw my blue-purple metallic ring. It is so cool!! People told me that one piercing would lead to another but I didn't believe them. I was wrong. Well, today, october 3rd, 1999, I got my tongue pierced!! So, getting dumped has left two extra holes in my body! So what!! It is worth it. Don't hold back doing something out of fear. Go for it!! I don't regret my decision at all. I used to think pierced people were freaks, but it is really cool statement. I am not scared of anything anymore. I have surpassed the fear I had. This may seem weird that two little holes could do this to me, but I has really changed my outlook. The healing process sucked at first. Bending over was near impossible because of the pressure it put on the ring. And had to lean over and not bend over. I had to sleep on my back for a couple of weeks, but eventually, it healed. It was a pain and I wondered if it was worth it but for $45, I wasn't about to take it out!! No way! I don't feel like I am a pro on body piercing but having it done definetly helps. I asked people if they thought it would hurt but have never even gotten a piercing. What would they know. If you have questions, get in a chat room and ask if anyone has gotten it done. The girl that went with me to get my tongue pierced had hers done and she told me about it. And it wasnt really that bad. It hurt-but it wasnt like getting hit by a car or anything. It is pain you are paying for so mentally, you are thinking more about how cool you are going to be. Hopefully, my piercings will attract some boys!! Use it to your advantage. Show it off. I am not a blob but I am not skinny either and i still wear shirts that show off my navel ring. And when I am allowed to start kissing again (!) I plan to get my fair share! Ok-that was slutty sounding. I am not a slut so dont email me thinking you can get some!! Anyways- I like to think my piercing set me apart. SOme people(like my mom)think that it is a violation of your body, but i think it is awesome. They are holes-they heal. Just make sure that if your parents find out they wont throw you out of the house. Nothing is worth being homeless. But go for it if you can. I can remove them if I dont like them anymore. It is not like a tattoo(i have nothing against tattoos though)that is permanent. Just make sure you are making the right decisions. And act on it asap. I know if I would have anylized my decision, i would be pierceless. So have fun and be safe. Make sure you pick a good place to get it done also. If you find a place that can do it for cheap, dont do it there. Cheap prices may mean cheap quality. I payed $50 for my tongue and that is about the general price I got when calling around. Most places require that you be 18 also. Be patient if you are under age. Body piercing will be around for a long time!!! Email me if you have and questions or comments about my long story!! hope you enjoyed it! Remember- have no fear of the unknown!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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