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Me and my cousin got our navels pierced

rst let me tell you a little about myself I am a 15 year old junior female, 5'3 bonde hair, brown eyes( the hair is highlighted) tan, 117 pounds and now I have my belly button pierced, I have wanted my navel pierced for a long time. I talked my cousin into getting it done with me, ut first I had to talk my mom into letting me get it done which suprisingly didn't take that long because she said it was better than a tattoo because it wasn't permanant or anything and my dad did not know I was getting it done because I know he would of said no but he was o.k with it kind of after I did it.

We had talked to some other people who got there navel pierced or any tattoos and a lot of them told us that Lard Street Tattoos was a good place, so her dad drove us all the way to Albany because that is the only place close enough that would pierce a minor and when we got down there they said we needed an appointment which made me kinda mad because we called them the day before and they did not say anything about an appointment so we drove all the way back to Vermont which only takes about two hours but that is long enough for me and we made our appointment and two days later we made the same trip back up. I had to get a notorized note from my mom because she did not come with us and they accept them at the studio we went to.

Now to talk about the piercing! I was so nervous when we walked into the studio and I was a little unsure if i made the right decision but I stll went along with it. We had to sign some papers and then off we went to get pierced. My cousin got hers done first and I didn't watch because I was to nervous. When she came out she said it hurt and she had to lay down because she was dizzy but her navel looked real nice I thought. I think she was exageratting about it a little because she tends to do that every once in a while.

Now it is my turn. My stomach was full of butterflies because my cousin said it hurt a lot so i was more nervouse then before. The guy took me to the back of the room and he explained what he was going to do and he talked a lttle about himself and asked me about my self and he told me his back ground in piercing which made me feel a little better and he let me see him open all the packeges, right down to the clamp and everything so I was feeling pretty safe, they are real good about using sterilized equipment. He marked where the piercing was going to be and i said o.k, then I layed down on a docter like table and he got to work. He cleaned my navel and then he put a clamp on it which pulled the skin he was going to pierce away from my stomach so he did not get me where he wasn't supposed to, it scared me a little because I thought it was the needle, it didn't hurt but i didn't know what it was and it kind of shocked me, then he told me to take a deep breath and when I let out the air in went the needle easy as that. It only hurt for a split second when the needle was going through and not even enough to say so and it was the only tme it hurt then he got out the ring and slid it right into place and he used pliers to put the ball in the ring which made me nervouse because I thought it would be impossible for me to take it out with out ripping and pulling on it, but it comes in and out fine now. My piercing got a little infected after but I cleaned it a lot and put some antibiotic ointment on it everyday and it went down easily and my cousins did not get infected at all, so anybody who is thinking about getting their navel pierced do it, it is sixty dollars where I went but it was well worth the money. If somebody tells you it hurts a lot do not listen to them because I am a wimp and it did not bother me at all. All my friends like it a lot and I love it, soon I get to change the ring, probally in about 4 more months, I am going to put a barbell in it. You con not start out with a barbell because with a ring it is so much easier to clean and you will have a better chance of not getting infected. I show my belly of to any one that wants to see it and most of my family likes it most of them not all of them but the majority. All my friends like it. Next I wantto get my tounge pierced and my eyebrow I think, but right now I am enjoying my navel Email me if you can tell me something useful or if you have any questions about the procedure of navel piercings, I would love to hear from you, and I have a question to anybody out there that has there belly button pierced and something else, if you could email me and tell me what hurt worse in your opinion it would be very useful because the only thing that holds me back is the pain factor and I am just curious on how much other things hurt compared to your belly button. thanks for taking the time out to read my expierence and I hope you make the right decision if you are getting someting pierced I would suggest you do it because you will probally regret it if you don't, you only live once. hope to hear from you soon. Michelle


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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