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~*~My PrEtTy BeLLy :-)~*~

t think i've ever really been interested in navel piercings, that is... up until April of this year ('99)... I just so happened to be surfing the net when I came across BME (by the way...rad site). There were tons of piercing and tattoo pages. I got to the navel piercing experiences and photos and thought, "Hey, those are so cute. I'd look good w/ one!" So, instantly I became fascinated w/ them. One problem, I knew my parents would not let me get it done. A few weeks after discovering my new interest, I mustered up some courage and asked my dad if i could get it done. "No way, you're crazy!" he literally said. I begged for another 2 weeks, but he didn't give in (oh yeah, in some cases, parents do not give in eventually!) It was hopeless to keep up my whining, so in the meantime I thought of a way that I can get it pierced w/ out having my parent's permission. I must have called 4 or 5 piercing and tattoo shops around my area and they all said they needed parent's permission. So, that was a dead end. Until.... About 2 months ago (beginning of August), I read a navel piercing experience here, on BME. This girl sent in her story, and she had said her parents wouldn't let her do it either, so she got the idea of doing it herself, and she said she had ordered a piercing needle online. I decided to email her and ask what the web site's address was. A couple of days later she emailed back w/ the address. Of course, I went to it, printed out their order form and decided to ask my 'rents to make out a check for it. I lied and said it was for a book I had to buy for school. Of course, they made it out and didn't ask any further questions. I was in luck. I sent in my order form and about 5 (long) weeks later, I got the package in the mail w/ the needle inside. 2 days after I got it, I decided to go for it. I asked my sis to do it for me, because i wasn't about to do it myself. It would have been all crooked. She was a little hesitant, but finally agreed. We went in her friend's room (she lives w/ us), and locked the door. My dad was home and I didn't wanna take chances. I numbed my bellybutton w/ ice for about 45 minutes. I sterilized my barbell in alcohol for about 45 minutes too, not proper sterilization, but.. oh well. After pinching my bellybutton as hard as I could and not feeling a thing, she told me to hold the little flap of skin at the sides and she stuck it right in. All that time, I felt the needle go in, but there was a zilch of pain.. actually no pain at all. She had trouble getting it through the last layer of skin, but it managed. As she slid the needle out, she put the barbell I had brought prior, in. The placement was better than I thought an amateur could do. It leans a tiny bit to the right side, but you can hardly tell. The first 2 or 3 days, it was a little red and sore. I washed my bedsheets and made sure to wear loose fitting clothes to school the next day. I showed everyone at school and they thought it was so cute. I wasn't afraid to tell them my sis did it either, and no one gave me any slack for it. I have had it for about 2 weeks now and my parents don't know about it. I make sure not to wear any miriff baring shirts around them. My sis didn't say anything either, 'cuz I got some dough on her too(she has her tongue pierced and my 'rents don't know about that either. When she talks to them, she has to keep her teeth slightly clinched). Just being our rebellious teenselves, I guess. A little too early to tell the future of my piercing, but it looks good. I haven't had any crusties yet! I make sure to clean it w/ Dial antibacterial soap and bactine in the morning and a sea salt soak at night. My piercing adventure is definitely not over, my tongue is up next, but I wouldn't do that myself or have my sis do it! This time, I go to a pro. Don't want my sis hitting a vein, no offense to her though. Maybe a tattoo too... :-) If you're thinking about getting it done, go for it. They look awesome! If your 'rents won't let you get it done and you have tried everything, than do it yourself or you can wait til you 18, it's your choice. Oh yeah, at the beginning of the school year, I saw 7 other girls w/ navel piercings. Oh well, now I can say I have one too and I don't care if a million other girls have it done, I like it 'cuz I like it and not 'cuz "everyone's doing it.." :-P


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: My+sister
Studio: Her+friend%27s+room
Location: At+my+house

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