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A Great Navel Experience

name is Rachel. I live in College Station, Texas, home of the Fightin' Texas Aggies and the greatest university in the nation, Texas A&M!! I got my belly button pierced about a week ago, and I love it! It was a practically painless experience. Here's the story: About 2 weeks before the actual piercing I mentioned to my best friend Megan that I was thinking about getting it done. I have always thought it would be cute and have almost done it a few times, but I always decided against it because I was too afraid. Megan said she thought it was a good idea, but I was VERY scared about the pain involved. I am the biggest wimp...I cry when they prick my finger at the doctor's office! So, I began to think about it more and more, and I wavered between getting it done and not getting it done and then Megan announced that she was coming to visit me and that she wasn't going to let me wuss out and not get it done. I was extremely nervous all day Friday, the day that Megan was coming into town, because I knew that in a few short hours I would be sitting in the chair getting a huge needle shoved through my skin. Finally she arrived, and we went to Aggieland Tatoo. I chose Aggieland Tatoo because a guy I know got his tongue pierced there and the only other place I knew of was called Poking You Tatoo and I didn't like the sound of that (although I am sure they are perfectly great piercers, don't get me wrong!). We walked in and a woman asked what she could do for us and I said I would like to get my belly button pierced. I was sooo scared I could hardly sign the forms she gave me. Megan was laughing at me for being so scared. (I tend to overreact.) We looked at all the different jewelry and I chose to get a tiny silver ring with a malchite ball...very cute! (Plus I thought the small size would make it less painful!) Within just a few minutes the piercer escorted us into the private piercing room. I sat in the chair and it folded down so soon I was flat on my back. On the ceiling was a lovely picture of some tigers in a forest. My roommate told me that when she got her belly button pierced she had to look at a naked picture of Pamela Lee, so I was pleased with the tigers. Megan was standing beside me for support. I closed my eyes to avoid seeing the needle. I was practically hyperventilating by this point, and the piercer made me do some breathing exercises so I would calm down and not pass out. After I was breathing normally, he prepped my stomach with disinfectant and then clamped my skin with some forceps. This was the most uncomfortable part of the ordeal. My eyes were closed the whole time. Then I felt a hard pinch and he said, "OK, it's over." He put the bead on and then I got to look at my new piercing. It is great--small and centered exactly. He told me to wash it with water in the morning and at night, and then we were outta there! How great! I couldn't believe it! After all my worrying it had not hurt very much at all, and I was extremely proud of myself for having gone through with it. I felt so happy and I kept laughing because I couldn't believe that I had actually done it. Megan drove me back to my dorm, and I looked at my new piercing in the mirror a LOT and showed it to my roomie and suitemates, who were all quite impressed that I had done it. I even called my mother and told her and she wasn't mad at all. Then I had to relax for a while because it was getting pretty sore. That first night was the worst because I could not sleep on my stomach, as I like to do, but that was the only main problem. The soreness lasted only about three days and by the second night I was sleeping on my stomach again (very carefully!). I am so happy with my new piercing and I can't wait to buy more jewelry for it! It really did not hurt very much at all and believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! It has been a week and a day and it doesn't hurt at all anymore. Thank you to Megan for going with me and for not laughing TOO hard at my wimpiness! And thank you to Ragoo at Aggieland Tattoo for doing an excellent job! GIG 'EM AGGIES CLASS OF 2003


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Oct. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Ragoo
Studio: Aggieland+Tatoo
Location: College+Station%2C+Texas

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