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Female teen pierced at the navel

oooo, I worried so much about having my navel pierced. I was so nervous. Today, on 25 September 1999, it's done !!!!!! This day is one of my favourite day of my life. I'm so happy. Now, I'm going to tell you my experience (the photos of my navel piercing will be on the website soon : I'll send them in two or three days). Me and my friend wanted to be pierced in a piercing studio in France (I'm French). But the man didn't seem to be serious, I felt bad in his studio. My friend too. So we choosed to be pierced in Spain (it was cheaper and it's made in medical centers under anesthesia, in France, there's no anesthesia). But my mother was not OK to let me be pierced in Spain. She told me "be pierced in Spain is not serious. I'm sure they're more serious in France". But when I told her it was done in a medical center, she was OK to let me be pierced in Spain. I went to the piercing studio with my mother and my friend. We wanted a ring (my friend wanted a silver one, me a gilt one). At the beginning, I hesitated between a barbell and a ring, but I choosed the ring because the barbells were horrible in the jewellery where we went (now, I'm happy to have choosed the ring). Our rings were so beautiful !! We were happy and nervous. We worried so much about having a very very big needle in our belly !!! There was nobody in the waiting room, it didn't reassured us...but, we wanted this ring in our navel so much that we forgot our fear. The man who received us was very sympathic but as he was Spanish, his words was hard to understand. In the room, there were a chair where we could be elongated, white medical tables and a black big chair where my mother could be sitted. The radio was switched on (the song was "Mambo n°5" of Lou Bega, it made me feel happy ). The piercer told us that be pierced doesn't hurt at all because of the anesthesia. I said "OK" but I didin't believe him a lot...I thank it will hurt very very very much, and I thank I'll cry. I was stupid (but normal...) ! My friend wanted me to be pierced before her, but at random it's her that the piercer choosed to be the first. So, she was the first. I wanted to watch what the piercer will do on her navel, but he told me it would be better if I didn't look at it 'cause I worried to much and he didn't want me to be traumatized because of what he'll be going to do. When he did the anesthesia on her, she told me "it doesn't hurt a lot !!". She was happy. And, after a little time, the man put an enourmous needle with a big pipe in her navel...she told me "I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING !!!". The piercer put the ring in the pipe, took off the pipe and closed the ring. There was just a little drop of blood. He put a dressing on her navel. It was over. She was relieved. Me too !!!! It was my turn. I didn't worry a lot 'cause I knew it didn't hurt but I was so nervous... Anyway, like my friend, I didn't feel anything at all. And I didn't bleed at all. He put the dressing. I was so relieved ! I didn't believe it. It was done !!! The piercer wrote the name of the antiseptic care on a little paper and told us to let the dressing two days on our navel. We could leave now. After having bought the antiseptic care in a chemist's store, I was so happy that I bought a beautiful jean "Lois", a beautiful sweat "Killah Babe" and some beautiful shoes "Hot". My friend bought a lovely sweat "Miss Sixty". We were the most happy friends. My mother was really happy for us. I'm so happy to have my navel pierced. A so beautiful ring (gilt with a little silver ball). I can't see my navel because of the dressing, but I know it is more beautiful than before, I feel better than yesterday. I think I'm lovelier !! I may go to a tattoo studio to have a black spade (of cards)on my left shoulder, but it's not sure and I'll do it later, when I'll be older (about 15 years old, not before I think). If you want a navel piercing : GO and DO NOT worry (if, like me, you're under anesthesia...). I advise you to not be pierced with no anesthesia. And to wash your piercing twice a day with the water of your shower, to wash your hands everyday, to put some antiseptic care on your navel and to often turn the barbell or the ring. Thank you very much to have read my letter. I hope you've understood some things about navel piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+remember+the+name+of+the+man
Studio: Centro+Medico
Location: Ir%F9n%2C+Spain

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