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My Rubber Navel

k as a stripper and wanted to get my navel pierced like a lot of the other girls had done. I think they look very sexy on a nice trim stomach. And I had some ideas for personalizing my navel jewelry. The waitress at the club I worked at said she did body piercing. Several of my co-workers, including my male boss had her do piercings and I felt confident with her abilities. I went out and bought my jewelry. I picked out a 14 guage ring.
When I went to work that night Liz had her box of needles and other various items for piercing. Another girl was also having her navel done that night. We went into the back office and the other girl was going to go first, and I wanted to watch just to be sure I really wanted to go through with it. Unfortunatly, Liz did not have a big enough guage needle to pierce the other girl, so it was my turn. I really wanted to see the other girl go first, but I guess she was glad to watch me go first. I laid down on the floor and Liz cleaned my jewelry and navel and got out the right guage needle to pierce me. She uses IV catheters. I was very nervous about that because I know how much IV's hurt. I wasn't wrong. She marked the spot and I okay'd it, then she proceded to poke the IV needle through my navel from the inside out. After it was through she slipped the actual needle out leaving the plastic catheter in. She then slipped the catheter out while threading the ring through. All was going well. The pain was gone because my navel area was numb. The ring was almost all the way through and the catheter was all the way out. Then something went wrong! The hole on the outside had completely closed up! It was a matter of 1-2 seconds. She tried pushing the ring through and it was stretching my skin so much that you could actually see the ring shining through my skin. She tried and tried to get it all of the way through and then I tried. She didn't want to hurt me, but I assured her I didn't feel it, as I was numb. After about 20 minutes of trying, and bending up my new navel ring, she finally took a pair of scissors and snipped the skin at the tip of the straining ring. At last it was through! Liz has done countlees navel piercings and has never in her experiences seen any one with such elastic skin. It was especially amazing to her because I am 37 years old.

Unfortunatly, the girl that was watching decided that she no longer wanted to have her navel pierced, even though I told her it really didn't hurt that much. We were talking to deaf ears. I have talked to several other people, both piercers and pierced, and no one I have talked to has ever seen anything like what happened to me. It was weird to see, but not that painful, although I do wonder if the healing would have been less painful if we hadn't had to stretch the skin so much. I went back to work within minutes and finished my shift dancing that night. After about an hour the numbness wore off and it was tender, especially with my clothes brushing against it. After all I went throught to get this done, I was surprised at how well it healed. About three weeks after I had it done, I did get an abcess next to the piercing. I tried soaking it in hot sea salt and then when it was the size of a pea, I poked it gently with a sterile needle. I squeezed all of the puss out and was very careful about keeping it clean. I have had my navel piercing for about 8 months now and have had no other problems. I am very proud of how my navel looks now. I have personalized it with a small chain type ornament that I obtained from a broken neclace. Nobody else has or will have the same charm I have. I get a lot of compliments on my piercing, and it is a great conversation starter.

I would now like to have the hood of my clit pierced. I am afraid it will take too long to heal though and I don't want to have to go without sex for very long. I am very interested in getting several piercings in my genital region. I love the idea of having rings with chains attached. Both for show and sexual pleasure. I would love to be able to pull my lips open using rings and chains. I think it is very erotic.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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