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14/F...got my stomach pierced!!

irst a lil about myself...I'm 15 at the moment, but I was 14 when I got my navel pierced. After reading tons of these stories on BME...I decided I should share my own! I live in the lil yuppie town of Broomfield, CO. I had originally wanted my tongue pierced, but my mom gave me a harsh "No", saying it was too "sexual"...yah ok. But I was determined to get something pierced. So then after weeks of begging and begging, researching about navel piercing on the web and such, I finally got a "yes" out of my mom! I think the only reason she said "yes" was because she thought I would be too chicken to go through with it ... well I sure showed her huh =) Thinking back...maybe the only reason why I did it was to prove people wrong, and show them that I could go through with it after all. So then I started calling places to find a good one to get pierced at. This proved to be way more difficult than I had thought it would be. None of the places around here would pierce me, even with my mom by my side. Then I came along an ad which said something like "underage welcome". I thought "ok...finally...here's my chance". So I called the place...they seemed real nice...and a couple days later I went in there. I made my friend Kristin come along, I think she was more nervous than I was. The guy that ws working was real nervous about piercing me since I was so young I think. He had me and my mom each show 2 IDs, he even asked for a birth certificate and all that. (talk about paranoid). He told us that a lot of people these days try to sue and he wasn't about to get caught in that situation. So now it came time for me to pick the jewlery ... there were about 3 cases full of just navel rings! "the largest selaction in the state" they say. So finally I chose a 14 guage ring with a lil pink gem on the ball. It was just lovely =) It took him a while to get everything disinfected and such. (or at least it seemed like forever). So I walked around the shop ... looked at all the jewlery and all the interesting things they had. (this was quite a different store). Now he called me back to the piercing room. (I'm about to faint at this point!). The walls were covered with pictures of half naked girls and harleys and such ... just what I wanted to see as a needle was being shoved through my stomach! He let my mom and Kristin come in the room also. So he made me stand up so that he could get the dots even and centered, asked me if they looked ok, they did. He had me lay down on the dentist looking chair ... asked me if I was ready ... and before I knew it he was working the needle through my navel. (he didn't use clamps). Later on I come to find out that this is called the "slow method" ... used on people that really want to experience the pain! "So you're telling me this coulda been over in 2 seconds but instead it took you 30!!". Well by now the needle was through and he put the ring in ... I couldn't even feel him putting that through. I guess I must have looked pretty bad because he asked me if I was ok and told me if I was going to puke that he'd get me a trash can. I just forced a lil smile and said I was fine. (really I was very very dizzy and had a HuGe adrinalin rush). So he went over the aftercare instructions.. gave me a piece of paper... wiped some neosporin onto my navel... and i was ready to go. Yes, overall, getting a needle shoved through my stomach DID hurt, but I would say it's definately worth it. Come to find out, Kristin had seen the needle, and ran outside. So we had to stay at the place for a lil while so that she could get some water and he could make sure she wasn't going to faint. Well after she convinced us all that she was going to be ok, we were on our way. We stopped by a drug store and got some kleenex (I had a lil pool of blood in my bellybutton...how comforting). We also got bactine and some neosporin.
Well for about a week or so after I was pierced, I had a lil puss coming out (normal), but no bleeding. It was sore but not to the point that I couldn't stand it. It was pretty well healed after a few months, and I changed the jewlrey to this neat question knocker thingie. I haven't had any major problems with the hole, I accidently ripped it once when i was hurrying to change the ring (OuCh!). But it's all better now... just have to be careful.
Well now here I am in the present day ... 7 months after getting my bellybutton pierced. (And I'm craving more!). I think I am going to get my tongue pierced...behind my mom's back...and tell her after it heals. That's the way life works isn't it...you want the chocolate, but instead you choose an apple becase it would be more healthy. But in the end after eating the apple...you StiLL want the choclate (in my case the pierced tongue). If anyone has ANY questions or if they can tell me anything useful about getting my tongue pierced, I'd LoVe to hear from you!! Just email me! (or just email me 4 the hell of it!) Thanx for reading my story...hope it helped you in some way!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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