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18th Birthday Gift.... New Navel

to start off I've been fascinated with the idea of decorating your body with jewelry. So when the idea of getting jewelry put in my navel came up, I had to go for it. After being a long time fan of tongue piercings, I tried to get it done. The parents weren't too excited about that and threatened to take my car away, so I decided that on my 18th Birthday I'd get my navel pierced instead, and the tongue will eventually come later. =) So here's the big day: After taking my friend to get her navel pierced I decided I'd get mine done on my 18th birthday since the studio I planned on going to had a rule of age 18 minimum. That was cool, so I waited. Then on my birthday I went to school, everything was fine. After school my friend came over and we headed out to the studio we both knew had a great reputation, 23rd Street Body Piercing. Once we got there I picked out the jewelry I wanted. My friend kept griping because I picked out a horseshoe looking ring that she wanted the month before. She had a barbell in her navel, but my piercer Chris said I needed a ring to start with. He had so many piercings on his face/ears I couldn't even start to count. So anyways, I chose the 14gauge Horseshoe shaped ring. I signed some papers and listened to the aftercare procedures. I still wasn't nervous, just extremely cold. They kept the place chilled majorly. So I paid Chris about $50 for everything and then he told me it would be a second. I just stood around talking to some other people with my friend by my side, still not scared or nervous, then I was called to go to the last room. Once in the room my piercer Chris had my roll up my shirt, and roll down my shorts. The room was very cold, so I start shivering. Still not nervous. He marks my navel on the top and bottom and tells me that he has to pierce it at a slight angle because of the way my navel is shape. Everything's cool with me. I look in the mirror, everything looks fine, so I lay down on a doctor like table. Still freezing my friend tries to keep me warm while Chris gets the supplies ready. We all are talking up a storm, and Chris says to be quiet, because we're so loud, but we only start laughing more. =) I look over and see a nail type needle in some lubricant, I just smiled and said, "Man that's huge." Still not nervous though. He clamps my navel and tells me to stop talking and take a deep breath, as I exhaled I felt a burning sensation around my navel, then he told me he was gonna push the horseshoe ring in, then about 10seconds later he said I was done. "That was it?" I said... I was surprised, it just felt like a pinch with a warm feeling afterwards. Weird huh? I sat up and looked down at my pretty shiny jewelry in my navel... I was excited then. So I got up and hugged my friend and thanked Chris. On the way home we purchased some "sea salt" and "Provon" since I forgot to buy it at the piercing studio. My navel was a little sore, but looked good. Next Day: The next day I cleaned my jewelry and went to school. At school one of my friends was playing around and hit me in the stomach. Not realizing I just got my navel pierced he felt sorry. But it started to bleed and so I had to get some Q-tips and clean it off. The whole day it bled a bit, but I'm for sure that most of it came from being hit... That night I cleaned it with that "provon" stuff and went to bed. Day 5: Everything was good. I'd been cleaning with Provon once a day, and twice with sea salt. No advil/tylenol though..... never needed any. Everyone loves my pretty jewelry, but I can't wait till it heals so I can get a barbell. Day 10: Everything is still good. I know my navel will take a long time to completely heal, but I'm just patiently waiting till my parents let me get my tongue pierced since that's what I originally wanted, but I'm loving my new navel piercing. It makes me motivated to keep my 2 1/2 pac. =) I guess if anyone needs advice, give me a holler. A navel is not something terrible to get done, it's actually very nice when kept up properly, so I'd recommend it! I had some problems with my parents when I got my navel pierced, but my older sister had hers pierced like 4 years ago, so my parents weren't to upset when I did mine. But they still wont let me do my tongue, or it's Bye Bye Car. =*( Give me a holler if you need something. Make sure and check out my navel picture of Me and my friend Amber together.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Chris
Studio: 23rd+Street+Body+Piercing
Location: Oklahoma+City%2C+OK

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