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My most recent navel experiences

things first, when I had my most recent navel piercings done I already had two, these were done by Pete from Determination and Nick from Capileo respectively. These two were located on the top of my navel and the bottom and I was wearing surgical steel CBRs in them, I had considered many times changing to barbells but I just couldn't afford it........ Until I got paid! And then I decided rather than changing jewelry to have new piercings done. Why, I have no idea! I just like piercings, they're fun, I really enjoy healing them! I decided to have the two done on the sides during a shopping trip in Portsmouth, tbh I was kinda impulsive, a little too impulsive perhaps, I had thought about it but as with all my other piercings I had thought about it so much I never thought I'd do it (My others are 2 nostrils piercings, madonna and tongue, plus the ear piercings, I have 8 in one ear and 3 in the other, I was a bit naughty though, they were all gunned. But I was young and uninformed etc.....), so my boyfriend and I walked down to Capileo to see Nick, I hadn't made an appointment which wasn't a problem, I hadn't made one any of the other times either. As I went into the shop Mike decided he didn't want to be there, he didn't want to watch any of it, so off he went to the pub for a few drinks whilst I was tortured by a druid who had spent the morning dancing on the beach under the eclipse........was I safe?! I didn't know! In all seriousness though, Nick is one of the most professional piercers I've ever met, I highly recommend him, as do countless numbers of my friends (There's so many bad places in Portsmouth after all....) So I selected two more CBRs, these were slightly larger than the two I had in at the time and waited for them to be autoclaved (Yes darlings, this is fairly important!) When he was ready I went into the piercing room and lay down, as usual it was immaculate in there. He put his gloves on and arranged everything, and then cleaned my navel making sure to clean round the two other pierces. He then marked the four spots on my navel - entry and exit for each one. They were perfect IMO. So he got the first needle ready........and I remembered how much it reminded me of a sharp screwdriver! We actually ended up using two needles, one for each side, to avoid cross contamination or something I think, he explained it in detail to his assistant whilst I was there but I wasn't really listening in all honesty. Naughty, aren't I.... And I closed my eyes! I could remember what the last one felt like! And in went the needle and it stopped. I asked "Is it through yet.....? It hurts!" And god, how it hurt! And he said "Erm.....nooooooo! There seems to be something stopping it" So he took it out and we tried again, it had got stuck just before passing through the other layer of skin. And believe me, it hurts way more piercing onto just pierced tissue, oh yes! So the first one then went in just fine and it was time for the second one (Or third as I sometimes think of it!) And I really thought it was going to hurt as much as the one before, but it didn't, I guess I was thinking about that one still. In fact it was done so quickly I don't know what I was fretting about, I was so nervous about it that it was justa bit of an anticlimax in all honesty! But I'm glad, so glad! I paid my 40 quid, picked up my aftercare tips (Which weren't really neccessary considering I had successfully healed two in there already) and sat down for a cup of tea with him and Debbie, I don't know if this was normal shop procedure or because I was a friend of his, but anyway...... It is harder healing two new navel pierces next two two older ones, it was fairly difficult in fact! My bottom one became scabby again just like the two on the sides but they're all fine now, well, pretty much anyway! It's quite harder cleaning the inside, mainy due to the fact that there's so many balls in the I can't manoeuvre my cotton buds properly! I'm now wearing titanium barbells in all of them, the two on the sides are a purpley pink and the top and the bottom ones are greeny blue. I'm starting to think about putting some more int here and finishing my navel project but I don't know yet, it depends on whether I get my vertical hood done, I've been thinking about that for a while too. So basically I recommend Nick at Capileo in Portsmouth, and also Pete at Determination in the same city, I'm ever so pleased with my navel so far! Saiira


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Nick
Studio: Capileo
Location: Portsmouth%2C+UK

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