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dont use a Doctor for a piercing!!

d my friend Jane had decided we wanted our belly buttons pierced. We wanted it done asap, before summer of 98, so we could show 'em off! She looked into the costs etc, asked a few people who we knew had theirs done,and looked at the rings we wanted. We didnt really like the thought of any pain. At all. Because i am a sook. But i really wanted it done, just for something different and to shock people who would never think of me being the "type" to get any body piercings apart from my ears.BORING!! anyway Jane found a cheap place where theyd do it using an anesthetic. No Pain cool! It was a Doctors Surgery pretty close to our area. Stupid me didnt even question the fact that a "Doctor" was going to pierce my belly. I just went along with it. So she booked us in a few days later, but because i was working a shit arse job on the other side of the city, i couldnt go with her and had to go by myself that evening when i finished work. And yes i was scared but no matter what wasnt going to back out because i knew Jane would kill me! Anyway when the time came,i had to wait until the patients all cleared out then the doctor led me into this room where i had to lay on this bed thing.My ring was alredy there, i had to bring it in the day before to have it sterilized overnight. It was a silver ring, dont know the exact size of it and has a dark blue ball on the end.The ring cost me $25 from a place nearby, and the actual piercing procedure was costing me $40. Compared to $75-80 not incl. jewlery,from other places, this seemed like a pretty good price to me. the doctor who seemed quite cool with the whole thing gave me the anesthetic. My stomach was completely numb and to tell you the truth i cant exactly remmember the details of the peiercing. I could feel some tugging and pulling but no pain at all. It was all over in about 10 minutes and then i payed my money and walked out! That was it, all done i had a belly ring!! Whhooo Hoooo couldnt wait to tell Jane i went through with it! First off, things seemed fine,my ring looked pretty cool and seemed to be healing up ok.It wasnt untill about a month or so later when i started noticing my belly ring was getting sore and infected. it kept on weeping and pussing out all the time occasionally bleeding as well. i cleaned it regulary, swam in salt water and put detol on it after every shower. Janes piercing seemed to heal well, and she was happy with it. Mine however was becoming a problem, every time i bent over or moved around alot it would weep and bleed, hurting as well. it got crusty bits around it and it smelt discusting! I had also noticed now that the piercing was acctually done crooked, and had this confirmed by a professional in a body piercing studio. it leaned towards one side, causing scar tissue to form and thus, looking like shit. After talking to many piercing specialists, and reading stuff on this site i realized that the doctor i had it done by didnt really know what he was doing - he didnt even mark the spot on my belly before he done it to let me know if i wanted it in that spot! Basically he just wanted the cash and couldnt give a fuck about what it was going to look like. Typical Quack hey?! I am so pissed off that i went to a doctor to get my belly pierced, until this day i am still battling with the puss and crusty bits, and have recently been told by a professional that i will have to get it taken out and let it heal up then re-do it. it has been almost a year since i got it done. The moral to my story is to THINK well and hard about who you get your piercings done by. Dont go to the cheapest place , go to the best! Doctors may be good for coughs and illness but think twice before letting them pierce your body! doctors in my experience have NO idea on body piercing, leave it to the professionals in the tattoo/body piercing studios. I am now giving my belly ring one more chance to clear up with the help of alot of caring and cleaning. Taking it out is my last resort. I know i am stubborn. I think "well, it seems like such a waste of pain and crap that ive gone through if i take it out now" I am wondering if another piercing next to the one i alredy have will help to "balance" out the fact that it has been done crooked. If anyone reading this has any suggestions about this please feel free to email me! God damn it! Doctors suck.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: inexperinenced+Doctor
Studio: Epping+Surgery
Location: Epping+Plaza+Shopping+Centre%2C+Melbourne

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