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Casper's kewl experience ; )

19 year-old french girl who has been dreaming of getting pierced or getting a tattoo for a quite long time... Well, I must also explain why I actually chose my belly button for a first piercing experience. I'd like to get my eyebrow and lip pierced too but I took the decision just a little before summer holidays... and the matter is here, in France, to get a summertime job, and for almost whole of them, anybody should be -unfortunately- quite conventional! So, that's why... Then, after taking the decision to get my navel pierced I first asked a few friends who already knew "the thing" where I shall go for it. Most of them recommended me a studio called Tribal Touch where I finally decided to go. First time I've been there, I explained what I wanted and took an appointment at the studio for one week later; they gave me a notice with all the explanation of what was around the fact of getting pierced, how it was done, what to do before and after, what does piercing means in each culture and how it is performed. A few days after, a friend of mine decided to come with me to see how it would be, we just arrived in the studio 10 minutes earlier than we were expected. Sam explained to me he was going to be the piercer and helped me chosing the jewel which was a curved 14Ga niobium barbell with a little red gem. Then I waited maybe 20minutes while he was sterilizing the barbell, we were just looking in the catalogs and in the first room of the studio where they exposed a few customed jewels and informations about anything such as tattoo, branding, scarifications... and I finally found myself in "The Room". Sam measured the jewel and measured where on my navel he was going to pierce and asked if that was right for me. Everything was ok and he asked me to just stay kewl and lie on the piercing table. My friend was really getting much more nervous than I was! Sam put his gloves on, show me how everything worked, how everything was clean and sterile and put the clamps on. I was just watching his face and the piercing he had, a bridge one, a septum one, some plugs in his ears and much more... I was so absorbed I didn't even had the time to get nervous! He told me to hold my breath and that when he tell me I've got to breathe again; then just at the middle of the breath, I felt something, can't hardly explain what it felt like, except telling it didn't hurt at all! Sam took the barbell then and he showed me how it was perfectly going through. It was done!!! He just put something to disinfect it and gave me all the aftercare instructions on another paper. I got up and looked in the miror!!! Wow, pretty kewl, I turned to my friend who was so damn pale, ans the only thing she could say was: "Hey, have you seen the size of the needle???" : ) We finally went out the room and paid for my piercing, Sam told me I can come back if anything happens and even if nothing happens... just to show him how the healing process was going and to give him just news bout anything kewl, concerning piercing or not... I thanked him and left with my friend who was still like "Argl!" and we went back to university for a night class. I must admit the first 3 or 4 days it was pretty strange to sit down or to move like the other days... It didn't hurt, I was just doing things a litlle quieter than before. The only thing which was a litlle painful at the beginning was I was used to just slam down on the flour or on the sofa to watch TV or something but I couldn't do that, well I could but the few times I tried I decided I had to find something better!!! : ) I followed all the instructions Sam gave me for the aftercare and everything went just great. It's now been almost 6 monthes since I have it and I'm seriously considering the fact of getting another one when I'll get back to school in october. I changed the barbell for a captive bead ring and I just bought some UV jewels online... Thanks to BME links... Anybody wanting to know more or just chat with me... ICQ #4188155 Thank you very much for all the informations we're able to find on your pages... Nothing's missing! And I'd like to thank Tribal Touch too for the great professionalism in the studio and the way everything was done, anybody living Strasbourg or around, don't hesitate! See ya later... Elaine/Casper


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Sam
Studio: Tribal+Touch
Location: Strasbourg%2C+France

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