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A normal, almost painless navel piercing

my navel pierced on August 6th, 1999. I had it done like 2 weeks after I got my earlobes done with a needle at Class Act. I had my ears done in a 16GA and my navel done in a 14GA. I'm only 17 (even though I'm in college) and my mom had taken me to get my ears done. I was getting my ears done with a needle because the backs on most of the earrings at the malls aren't real gold or titanium and I react to them. But the piercing that I really wanted was my tongue. So while Glenn (my piercer) was doing my ears we were talking about my tongue. Well, it turns out that he won't do it for me because the web on my tongue goes almost all the way to the tip of my tongue. So he started talking me into getting my navel pierced. I had never thought about it before because I didn't think I'd look good with one. So I went home after I got my ears pierced and talked to my boyfriend and his family and showed everyone my navel and got their opinions. Everyone said I should go for it and my mom signed the papers only because I was so upset about not being able to get my tongue done. (She wouldn't have signed the papers for my tongue even if I had been able to do it. I would have had to wait until I was 18) It took me almost 2 weeks to make up my mind and think about if I should get it done with tennis season coming up and everything. But I just decided to get it done one afternoon and gave Glenn a call. He could fit me in that afternoon but my mom couldn't get off work to sign the papers for me! So I had to make an appointment for the next day and my mom signed the papers after she got off work. Glenn let her come in and sign the papers Thursday (the 5th) since she couldn't get off work to come in for my appointment at 3:30 on Friday. So I had a whole day to get nervous! My mom didn't want me driving myself there in case I wasn't feeling that well after the piercing. So I brought my boyfriend's mother with me. Her name is Lisa. I got there at about 2:45 because I couldn't stand waiting at home pacing. I actually showed up at Lisa's house around 2:00 but she could only put up with me for a little while. Glenn had a tattoo in and it ran long so I didn't get in until 3:45 so I was there about an hour sitting in the waiting room and looking at tattoos. Finally Glenn came out...my heart sank. I had been sitting on their soft black leather couch hugging a pillow with all my might :) I had it hugged right to my chest and I was curled up in the corner of the couch. He just laughed at me. Which made me feel a little better. He asked me how my ears were because he was the one who had done them. I told him they were fine and didn't hurt at all and he cursed at me because he had his done the day before mine and his still hurt! He took me into the room where he does the piercing, the same one he had done my ears so I felt a little bit better because I knew the room. He had me lay down on a table type thing with a pillow and a really soft blanket underneath because the table was cold. Then he made me get up again so he could mark my navel. I had to unbutton my pants and fold the corners under and he pulled my shirt up. He marked it at least 15-20 times before he was happy. Then he had me lay down and he moved the marks a couple more times. I think he did it just to make me more nervous!!! I didn't really watch much of what he did except when he took everything out of the packages and asked his assistant to get my jewelry out of the autoclave. He put new clamps on me and they were mildly uncomfortable. He asked me if I was ready and I told him I was as ready to have a needle shoved through my navel as I'd ever be. Then it was through. The needle didn't hurt anymore than my ears did. The clamp hurt a lot now though! As soon as he took the clamp off I was fine. The needle was still through my stomach and the pain was gone. Then he had to put the jewelry though. I just have a standard 14GA stainless steel CBR. I couldn't even feel him put the jewelry through. He warned me that it might hurt but it never did. We sat talking for a long time about a lot of stuff. He told me that it was bleeding a little bit and he wanted to wait for it to stop before he let me go. The whole process must have taken 25 minutes! With the aftercare he told me to shower with anti-bacterial soap and clean it with liquid Benadine and neosporin twice a day. Just a warning, the liquid Benadine HURT when I used it the first night. I was in tears hysterically crying. I swear I have never felt pain so bad in my entire life. And I've hurt myself quite a bit :) I have fractured my pinky, fell 8 feet down in the Rocky Mountains and gashed up my legs, and sprained my ankles several times and this pain beat them all! The liquid Benadine only hurt the first 2 or 3 days though. Lisa wound up getting a small tattoo of her husband's name after my piercing. Glenn tried to discourage her but they have been together 18 years so he said okay. I think I'm a bad influence!!! Lisa, my boyfriend (Gary), and Gary's sister all wound up getting tattoos at Class Act :) hehehe, Gary and his sister got them when I went back to get my navel checked before I left for college. I'm doing fine and the healing seems to be going well. I rarely have any pain and I can bend down playing tennis just fine. I'm going to check into other piercings. I really want my eyebrow done but I have REALLY thin eyebrows and it would look stupid on me. I think I want a labret but Gary doesn't want me to. Anyone who is thinking about getting your navel pierced I totally recommend going for it! I love mine and there was almost no pain at all except the Benadine. Don't let the Benadine sway you from getting it done because some piercers don't even tell you to use it. Go for it!!! I'm glad I did.


submitted by: gxrgirl99
on: 17 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Glenn+Broker
Studio: Class+Act+Tattoo
Location: Middletown%2C+NY

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