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Shannon's Navel Ring

I was about 14 or so, I saw some of the older girls at my school with navel piercings. I thought they looked so cool, and I asked my mom if I could get one. Needless to say, she said no. I was really disappointed because I like to wear short shirts and hip huggers and I thought it would look really hot. When I was 16, I practically BEGGED my mom to get a navel ring, and she said no because I was too young, diseases (Hepatitis, AIDS), and it looked kinda cheap. I didn't even mention it to my dad because I already knew what his reaction would be,"Not if you want to live in this house." So, I kinda gave up for awhile. When I got my computer when I was 17, I started doing some research on navel piercings and I asked my mom to look at some material I printed out for her that I got online. Basically it explained the procedure and how to take care of it, and I think she was easing up a little bit. She said maybe wait a little while, and she would think about it. Then came my 18 birthday on July 27. I could do whatever the hell I wanted. Heh heh. I called around to different places that people had told me were good places to get pierced. I decided to go to Modern Age Tattoos, LTD. After I asked some questions about their sterilization procedures and prices, I told them I would be there on Friday. So, I called up my best friend and asked if she could drive me on July 30, which was a Friday. I didn't want to get it pierced during the week because I was afraid it might hurt and I had work the next day. So, Friday it was. It seemed like forever, but Friday finally came. My best friend, Debbie, picked me up after work and we went to Modern Age Tattoos, LTD to get my long awaited navel ring. ON the way over, Debbie decided to tell me horror stories about people getting infections and winding up in the hospital for 6 months, but I still didn't budge. As I waited in the waiting room with Debbie and some other people, we were looking at different tattoos on the wall and at the jewellry. I wasn't really that nervous though. The piercer, Paula, called me over and asked to see my belly button. She said, "Hmmm, a tiny belly button, you can pick out one of these." She opened the glass case filled with piercing jewellry and took out 2 displays of 14g CBR's. There was niobium, plain SSS, and SSS with jewelled beads. I chose a small plain SSS with a SSS bead. She then handed me a clipboard to fill out that stated I wasn't drunk, I was 18, etc, etc. I gave her my license to photocopy and I was on my way to the piercing room. The room was kinda small, but it was clean. The whole studio was really clean. I'm talking clean enough that Debbie even used their bathroom. So, I was told to sit in the dentist chair while Paula got out the needle and CBR from their packages. Paula explained the cleaning process and then gave me written after care instructions. I was the told to stand up so she could mark exit and entry holes on my navel. Then I sat back down, and I was really getting antsy now. I noticed their weren't any clamps around and she said she didnt use them. Hmm, well, ok. Paula then sterilized my navle area and told me to breathe in and then out. When I exhaled she pushed the needle through and then she put the CBR in. And that was it! I mean, it didn't hurt at all! I can't say i felt dizzy/nauseous/light headed whatsoever. So much for an adrenaline rush...Meanwhile, Debbie was looking away so she couldn't see what was happening. Thanx for the moral support, Deb. When she went to put the bead on, the plier things kinda slipped and tugged on my new piercing. Nothing that tragic though. So I said, "That's it?" and Paula said, "Yup, you're all done." I thanked her and paid he the 45$ plus tip. She assured me that if I have any problems to please come back and ask her about it. She was really nice. So, when we were on our way out the door, the people that were waiting there before were still there. The one girl asked me incredulously, "Did you just get your navel pierced?" I said "Yup." and she was like, "Wow, did it hurt?" So I told her honestly, "Nope, not at all." So, me and Deb and my navel ring left happily. When I got home, I didnt tell my parents. The next day I did and they were kinda mad, or as they said, "disappointed", but oh well, I was happy. So, it's been about a month since I've gotten it done and everything seems to be fine. No crusting or pussing, but it does kinda lean to the right a little bit. I'm hoping to get it changed to a jewelled curved barbell soon. (Does anyone know how long you should wait before you get it changed?) I clean it 2 a day with Dial Kids liquid soap(I have really sensitive redhead skin, so to avoid dryness, mild soap it is.) and soak it in warm water with Kosher salt (no Epsom! It has iodine!). And that's all there is to it! So, thanx for listening to me, and feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments. And if anyone does know how long I should wait before getting i changed, please e-mail me! Bye! Shannon


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Paula
Studio: Modern+Age+Tattos%2C+LTD
Location: New+City%2C+NY

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