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Unsuccessful Aussie Piercing!

name's Melissa, Mel for short. I have experienced ear piercings, and so far have got 6 in one ear, two in the cartlidge, and four in the other side. I am 14, and ever since i went to Queensland, up near all the Warner Brother's studios, and stuff like that here in Australia, my mum said 'you should get your belly-button pierced!' This suddenly came up as about a week before my friend got her navel pierced on December 13th, 1998, and i had told mum how good it looked, and suddenly, when we're on holidays she brings up i should get it done as well. So i considered it. I said 'but it'll hurt too much!' Mum said 'all you'll feel is a tiny pinch, and then it'll be over. I would know i pierced my own ears when i was younger!' So i said 'i'll wait until we get back home, then i'll look into it and stuff.' My dad thinks it was an okay idea, he said 'how on earth do you get a ring inside you guts?' I'm like, 'dad, what-ever!' So we went home later that week and school started a few weeks later. My friend had stayed home that week, so i couldn't see her belly-button ring. Then she came to school one morning and said, 'look!' and i saw her belly-button ring! It was really cool, and then i thought to myself, 'i might get it done!' so that afternoon, mum said she'd look around the piercing places in the area i live. She found a place and the piercing plus the ring cost $85.00, plus $15.00 extra for the numbing patch! And guess what? I decided to get it done! I worked with my dad the next day at his factory, and i started getting really nervous as we drove nearer and nearer to the piercing place. I had the full thing, butterflies, everything man. Dad got a haircut, and then we walked over to the piercing parlour. It was really clean and everything, it was more of a harley shop, with lots of guitars and harley stuff, like those t-shirts with skulls on them and roses on the leather jeckets and everything...the man who was standing outside looked like a Maryling Manson wanna-be, and i said to dad as we entered, mumbling 'i hope he's not piercing me!' and dad said 'well, if he does he does! you wanted it done!' So we waited at the counter and the man in the Marylin Manson wanna-be outfit came up and said in a real dead-tone of voice 'What do you want done?' But it was real creepy, then my dad said 'she wants her belly-button done.' The man said 'Okay, we have a range of rings here, anything you want,' Etc, etc., and i chose a Surgical Steel Bead ring, and it had a little blue bead in it! I purchased it and this other man took me into the piercing area. It was all white like those scientific labs on the TV show 'the X Files' or something! He said 'would you like a numbing patch?' and i said, 'how much does it cost?' he said '15 dollars, if you don't want one i'll pierce it now.' This guy was really nice, and he explained he'd pierced both his nipples that morning and they were fine! He put some numbing cream in my belly-button and then placed the patch over it. He then told me to come back in an hour, and so i did. It was really weird, because i'd never had anything pierced like that before, and i was so nervous at this point i had to hold on to my stomach around the shopping-centre as i was so freaked-out! We walked back in an hour to the piercing pralour and the two guys were standing at the counter, and saw me and my dad, and explained that the two had even made a $100 dollar bet the i would-wouldn't come back! And i did come back! So somebody lost one hundred bucks! The man took me around to the piercing area again, and explained everything, all the things that he'd use and that he'd change his gloves, those surgical white gloves that doctors use, and that the needle that he used was always never used twice. They always threw it out after the piercing and he said that health-inspectors came through every week to check up on everything and that eased my stomch just a tiny bit! He told me to lay down on this big long chair-thing, like a dentist chair, and he cleaned my belly-button out and placed the clamp on. He asked, 'do you feel anything?' and i replied 'nope.' i had said it nervously, my voice almost breaking, it was funny when i look back! I kind of felt my belly-button being pulled on, like a sucked feeling, but in like, a minute it was over, flash, like that! He said 'you can get up now!' and i said, 'cool.' He gave me a hand up and told me to go to the mirror and look. It was so cool. It was really nice to have something there, like, i felt to different. Like i'd achieved something! I was proud of myself! I then went to the counter with my dad, after the piercer explained all the aftercare procedures and everything, and he gave me some peroxide, with i know now not to use, and i paid the man and went home with my dad. At that time my aunty, a boy my age with A.D.D. was over there and i showed my mum, sister and aunty, and my aunt went 'i can't believe you did it!' Mum reckoned it looked cool and said there was no doubt if she was younger and had a firmer body, she'd get it done too! My mum isn't fat, but she thinks she is. I don't know why! I remember i got my belly-button pierced on the 13th of February, the day before Taylor Hanson got his cartlidge pierced on Valentines day! But on May 17th, after irritation due to the type of metal it was in my piercing, the piercing grew out and i had to take it out that morning before school. Mum was really upset, she said 'what a waste of eighty-five dollars!' Now it is the 4th of September, about four months since i've taken it out and it's looking okay, but because i have a skin condition the scar will probably be there for all my life...So i'm going to get it repierced at a better place with my friend who's a twin with the girl who got it pierced in 1998. We're getting ours both done on the same day in the same parlour, at the same time, and in November! I hope my belly-button repiercing turns out better, because i really want it to! This page is really good! I've told all my friends about it but seeming they dont have the internet, oh well! Gotta go!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Mark
Studio: Peninsula+Body+Piercing
Location: Victoria%2C+Australia

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