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Navel Piercing from a British point of View

Piercing: From a British Point of View I live in Sheffield, England, and I've been visiting the BME site since I got my navel pierced (about a month ago), and I noticed some pretty major differences between navel piercing and especially aftercare over here and in the U.S. I had my nose pierced about nine months ago, at a local studio called "Primal Piercing", but after about three months of persevering with an almost constantly septic nose (due to the fact that I had to take it out for up to five hours a day for school), I took it out and let it close up. I've always enjoyed piercing, since the age of twelve when I let (more like forced) my then eleven year old neighbour to pierce my ear lobes. Since then I've pierced my ears another two times in each ear, one in the cartilage at the top, and I LOVED the endorphin rush every time, and wasn't really bothered by the pain. However, my nose really hurt (mostly because the needle poked me in the centre of my nose as it came through the final layer of flesh), so I was a little apprehensive about my navel, although I really wanted it done. Anyway, at the beginning of July this year I went to the Cambridge Folk Festival with my Dad, his girlfriend (Lesley) and a friend of mine called Emily. On the first night, we all had a little too much to drink, and all the girlies decided to go and get pierced the next day in town. In the morning Emily woke me at ten and we were all really excited, so we left at about half past, and caught a bus into town. When we arrived in town we couldn't find a piercing shop, so we went into a jewellery and body jewellery shop and asked the assistant where to find a good piercing studio. She sent us to The Cambridge Piercing Studio, with a personal recommendation. By the time we arrived I was anxious, to put it mildly. We all had to fill out consent forms. The piercer said she was ready and I said I'd go first, to get it over with! She cleaned my belly, drew a dot on it and asked me if it was OK. I said it looked fine too me, so I lay down on the bed, and she clamped my belly with a pair of forceps type things while I just kept mentally reminding myself to breathe as she removed the sterile needle from its packaging. I felt a pinch as it entered but before I could even start swearing she said the pain was over. She put the ring in and told me to stay still as she popped in the ball. She showed it to me in a mirror, and I was grinning, because even though I felt really sick and a bit dizzy, I was really pleased with it. She gave me a cleaning advice leaflet and I went and sat in the lobby with Lesley while Emily had her tragus pierced, then with Emily while Lesley had her nose pierced. We all felt a bit sick afterwards, so we went to have a drink, and it quickly passed for all of us. That night, I found it a bit difficult getting comfortable, but then again, I was sleeping in a tent! For the next few days I followed the instructions on the leaflet (which were to soak the piercing in sterile salt water for 2-3 minutes, at least twice a day, clean and dry with cotton buds and then apply Vaseline) really thoroughly, but after that I forgot to apply Vaseline for a few days (OH DEAR!) and the skin around the piercing got really tight, but once I started reusing it, it slowly got better, and since then it has healed really nicely, and there is now only a very little amount of redness around the top hole. I would advise anyone to go to the Cambridge Piercing Studio because it's really clean and the artists are so professional, reassuring and quick. My navel is healing really well and in a few weeks I'm going to change it to a jewelled bar.

P.S. Anyone thinking of getting your navel pierced; GO FOR IT!!! It doesn't hurt, the healing isn't as bad as everyone makes out and if your parents are bothered, well, one of my friends has had hers done for almost a year and her parents still don't know! Myths Destroyed

"The clamp  really pinches"

In my case, the clamp was just a pair of forceps, and didn't hurt at all

"It ALWAYS goes really septic and you can't move and you'll  end up in hospital ....."

People who say this are firstly wrong, because I only know one person who got an infection and that was because he changed it too soon and didn't clean it properly, and secondly they are probably jealous because they don't have the guts to get it done themselves.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: i+don%27t+know+her+name
Studio: Cambridge+Piercing+Studio
Location: Mill+Road%2C+Cambridge%2C+Cambridgeshire%2C+UK

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