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its about damn time!

een wanting to get this done for years now...and FINALLY..I did it 3 days ago. yay me! :) I had just gotten my pay check and had been researching information about piercings for about a month or so...so I felt..I WAS READY! I went to the studio of my choice...and of course, forgot my license in my glove box (my friend drove)...so they said..they couldn't do it without seeing it. I was TOTALLY bummed. So, my friend and I started trying on some clothes their to see if that would cheer me up... of course it didn't! So, her and I started talking with the owner and the piercer and became friendly with them. We ended up staying there for a couple of hours just hanging out and talking and getting to know each other. After we flirted for a while, I asked if there was any way I could stay after hours and then have my navel pierced...so, they agreed!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I was soooo happy..and yet, nervous at the same time. So, we just stayed there until closing...while I felt like I was gonna pee my pants. hehe. They even gave me a discount!! woohoo. I picked out a curved bar bell with a purple jewel on it (purples my favorite color!) ...its a 14g steel bar I believe. shrugs Anyways, away we went..into the piercing room. scarey This was my first piecering besides getting my ears done...so I thought I might throw up on myself or something. I wanted to get my lower navel done, BUT..my navel isn't build for that supposibly, so I got the top done. So, I layed down on the table and my friend and the piercer were making fun of me and saying that it was gonna hurt and he was gonna make me bleed on purpose for making him stay after..lol. Then he put on his gloves, took out his tools and started on my first piercing journy! He made a happy face on my tummy with the cleaning solution. Then, he clamped the skin that he was going to pierce and told me to take a deep breath and hold it. Of course I let it out right before he put the needle through my skin..and I let out a little scream. I couldn't bare to watch what was going on so I covered my eyes while my friend told me what was going on. The piercing felt like a ..umm..shot but...it hurt worse. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would! I ended up getting my 3rd ear piercing the day after I got my navel done and damnit.. the ear piercing hurt a HELL of a lot worse then my belly did. Of course, that was probably due to the gun they used..but still. The part that hurt a lot, besides when he actually poked the needle through my skin, was when he put the bar in...ouchies. But, it only hurts now if I touch it or bend over or something. Its a pain trying to sleep though, since I normally sleep on my side or stomach. So, now, I'm finely pierced and happy happy happy!! :) The piercing actually went by pretty fast, but it felt like at least 10mins. But really, it was probably around 5. I am going to get my nipples done with horizontal bars soon covers then in pain ..I hope that goes well. hehe. Surprisingly, my navel isn't pusing or crusting or anything..oh..and my piercer told me I have really tight skin..what the hell is that supposed to mean anyways!? I guess that's good for when I have kids or something. shrugs :) hehe. I can't wait to go body jewerly shopping!!! I want to get a cute curved bar with a bat at the end of it or something.. anyone know where I can get one of those!? Let me know k! =D For those of you who are yet to be pierced, and are looking into it...make sure you really do LOOK into it. Don't just go to anyone that pierces. I, myself, looked at about... 5 differnt piercing places and asked a lot of people about their piercings and where they got them done. I talked to the guy who pierced me through email before I actually went in and talked to him. Make sure its someone you feel comfortable with. Remember, he is sticking a needle through your body! Make sure to get care solution for after you get it done..and make sure you know what you're doing!! Don't touch it either..with out very very clean hands. You shouldn't touch it unless you have to clean it anyways. Be open with your questions..and don't feel stupid for asking questions that might be obvious to other people. After all, it is your body..and you want to take as much care of it as possible.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: eddie
Studio: not+telling%21+%3Dp
Location: fullerton%2C+california

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