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Navel piercing from hell!!

ll start out by saying im 27 years old and one day a friend of mine started talking about getting her tongue pierced..I entertained the idea for a couple of days then decided to just do it!! So i did and i love it ,Then i thought to myself why stop there So i was invited to a tattoo and piercing party done by a professional/friend I was nervous at first because i planned to have my navel eyebeow labret and nostril done in one day plus 2 tattoos..Shortly after i arrived i was first one scheduled to have my piercings done the tattoo/piercer showed up after he had set up he looks at me and said lets get started..Really excited i hopped on the chair watching his every move and i must say he was very professional and everything was sterile i was really comfortable with him immediately..So i proceded to have my nostril , eyebrow , and labret done they all went well.none of them really hurt that bad i think my tongue was the worst LOL !!After my piercings were done he tattoed a heart on my chest and an egyption Ankh just above my navel!!After he tattooed my above my navel then he pierced my navel didnt want ink running into open wound while tattooing so he did that last..I was really sore after all of that but i enjoyed it very much..So i went home everthing was fine for about two days i dont know about anyone else but i was constantly looking at my piercings thinking wow i cant believe i did this all in one day so anticipating the needs of my new piercings i started ordering jewelry i ordered some really cute navel barbells with jems in then thinking i cant wait until i can wear these!! I cleaned my piercings Three times a day..But despite my careful cleaning of my navel it it got infected and swoll up red..So i thought ok ill just keep cleaning it and hope for the best..Each day that went on the infection cleared up but the skin on top of my barbell kept shrinking and getting thinner..And the skin underneath kept building up forcing my barbell to apply pressure onto the skin that covers the top of the barbell..I think it wasnt pierced deep enough i had questioned it at time of piercing but i just took his word for it cause at that point i had never seen anyone with a navel piercing so i had no idea but the skin got To the point where i had to remove my barbell in fear that if my pants rubbed it a little to hard it would rip out!!It was practically just dangeling there needless to say I was very disappointed that this piercing was not sucessful being that all my others turned out great!!But i didnt give up i know some people will look down on this but i figured mabe the piercing wasn't deep enough so i repierced it myself! I bought a 12 gauge needle, gloves, cork , bacitracin ointment etc. already had tons of barbells :o) so i put on some gloves and sterilized area plus jewelry,,then i marked where i wanted the needle to go carefully positioning the needle and cork I started slowly pushing the needle through my skin man did it bleed which made things more difficult than they already were but i continued till the needle was all the way through and pushed it on the cork so it wouldnt slip while i prepared my barbell, and suprizingly it didnt hurt, i was very excited and nervous being it was my first time piercing myself..I think i was more excited ,wasnt worried about the pain at all, more worried about making it look right!But i did it and It turned out perfect,,I pierced it deeper and i am hoping this will take!! Its been a week now no infections and it looks like it is going to work for me!!I hope! I in no way encourage anyone to pierce themselves It should be done by a professional but some people choose to do it themselves like me!! :o)Im still not going to stop there this laborday weeked im getting my nipples and septum done, piercings are a wonderful experince and i would recommened everyone to atleast get one! So far i have 5 tattoos my tongue pierced my ears are pierced 4 times on each side..my nostril ,labret and navel hehehe and i dont plan on stopping with them so much skin so little time.. just remember when you die they are the only things you can take with you!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Sept. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: friend
Studio: new+york
Location: new+york

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