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Little Kansas Girl Get's Pierced

ave wanted my navel pierced 4 a long time! My parents were like pretty much against it & they thought that it wuz pretty pointless to get another hole N my body! I already have 3 holes N my ears! 2 on the lobe & 1 N the cartilage! So N other words 1 N each ear except 4 1ear has 2 holes! Ok NEways, Diane (a friend of my parents) & my parents were talk N & something came up about piercings! Then I told my parents that I wanted that done & then I would B done w/ piercing! My dad wuz like no bcuz then u will think that u will have 2 show it 2 every1! I wuz like I'm not gonna show it 2 every1 if I get it done! Diane wuz like at least it's not her tongue & she's not wanting a tattoo & Diane wuz like u know it can't b any worse then the little shirt she's wearing now! I wuz like Finally an adult on my side! So I buged my parents about it & finally my mom was like ok bcuz I'm tired of hearing about it! So 2day August 24, 1999 at the age of 15! I got my navel pierced! LOL We went 2 the place and we had 2 fill out papers sense I'm a Minor & we had 2 have some1 notorize this one paper! We went & did that they we went back & Dan wuz like whenever ur ready! So we walked 2 the back room & of course Dan had piercings & tattoo's & I wuz expecting that! We got back there & the room wuz VERY clean! He told me 2 sit down on the chair thing (it looked similar 2 a dentist chair) & to relax! So I sat there! He put on his gloves & told me 2 stand up, so that he could clean it & then mark it! He did that then he threw his gloves away & put a new clean pair on! He told me 2 lie down on the bed thing! Then he clamped it! It kinda took him awhile to line up both the entrance & exit marks! Dan got that done & my mom was watching! Dan told me 2 breath N & then out & he told me 2 do that a couple of times! Then b4 ya know it I wuz pierced & he wuz put N the ring N & everything! I felt fine! It didn't hurt at all! I mean NO PAIN, ZIP, ZERO, ZILTCH! So we walked out 2 the front desk & the lady is telling me how 2 clean it! Then all of a sudden I started 2 fill diz E & I didn't tell NE1 (stupied me right)! So I grabed the counter & that's all I remember! I HAD PASSED OUT! My mom was OH MY GOSH!! And the lady that wuz explaing how 2 clean it tried 2 grab me so that when I passed out I wouldn't fall but she couldn't reach me from over the counter! I don't remember NEthing except her tell N me how 2 clean it & then fill N diz E! I woke up or whatever u wanna call it! Then Dan helped me 2 a chair! They put a cold rag on my head & they got a fan 2 blow on me! The reason I passed out wuz bcuz ur kinda nervous & a lot adrenalin is going through ur body! Then when ur done a realize it's not as bad as u thought it wuz ur body just stops the adrenalin all at once! So that's Y I passed out! When I passed out my head hit & wall & I started sliding down it! I scard that crap out of my mom! I have ONLY had it done 4 like 3 or 4 hours now & it still doesn't hurt! NOW I think that it's kinda fun E that I passed out! I told my mom thanks 4 taking me 2 get it done & she just kinda gave me that look like u scared the crap out of me!! I can now laugh about it but at the time it wuz kinda scary but ONLY bcuz I passed out! It wuz definatly a differnt experience! But that's ONLY bcuz I passed out! Like I said I have had it done 4 like 3 or 4 hours now & I haven't had NEpain! The place wuz VERY clean & Dan & the lady were VERY nice!! If u live N Wichita, KS. I would recommend Bullwinkle's Tattoo & Body Piercing! After I had passed out & were sit N in the chair they told me that they have it happen b4 so I shouldn't feel embarrassed & that they won't tell NE1 if I don't! BUT as u can C I told & I'm not embarrassed! I have never passed out b4 so this is definatly an experience I will NEVER 4get! Well if u have NE questions or commits about my story feel free 2 e-mail me! All Right E then! ByE! ~Amy~ :o)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Bullwinkle%27s+Tattoo+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Wichita%2C+KS+230+N+Hydraulic

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