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Peirced at 13

e wanted my navel peirced for a while but when two of my friends got it peirced I wanted it even more. But when I asked my mom she said no and wouldn't even talk about it. I sent her e-mails of stories from BME and pictures. I also sent her a list of why I wanted to do it. Eventually she told me if I didn't stop bugging her she wouldn't even let my get my ears peirced any more. But I was still thinking about how to convince her. Then when we were on vacation we were walking and I asked can I get my toungue peirced knowing she would say no and she didn't dissapoint me so then I asked about getting another hole in my ear and she said no and I said why not my ear? And she said ok. Then I asked her can I get my belly button peirced and she said maybe. I was so suprised. I said WHAT?!?!? my belly button and she said yes, when we get back to Florida. Ok now on to the interesting part. When we got back to Florida I kept asking when are we going? But at 1st she didn't want me to get it done untill the winter because it gets really hot and you can't go swimming. But eventually she gave in. THE PEIRCING We went to Peace of Mind on August 4 and it was raining really hard and we couldn't park in front of the store because we couldn't get to the parking lot because the parking lot was flooded. So we walked and when we got in the peircer guy was out front directing traffic and they said he would be ready in about 5 minutes so while we were waiting I looked at jewelery and picked out a black shiny bead. So they went to sterilize it and I kept asking the lady at the desk how much is this going to hurt but she kept saying a little more than your ears. No matter how many people told me it wasn't going to hurt I kept thinking how can it not hurt a needle is being shoved through your skin? Finally he was ready. I went in there and thanks to all the information off of BME I knew exactly what was happening. But my mom kept saying I hope that is sterilized. He went over the cleaning instructions and gave me a care sheet. So he cleaned it and asked me to stand up and then he marked it and asked if that was OK. I said yes and sat back down in the chair. I asked him not to let me see the needle so he said then don't look. I was looking around and saw I sign of someone screaming and it said tipping makes it hurt less. So I remembered that. I was thinking that is was going to be the worst pain I have ever felt but then he put the clamp on and that pinched but not as bad as some people make it out to be. Then he told me to close my eyes and keep breathing and when he counted to 5 he would peirce me. He started counting 1. then i felt a pinch and he said I forgot how to count. He said hold on so I can screw on the ball. After all of that I tipped him and went out of the room with the biggest smile on my face and my sister said she thought my face was going to crack she was in a pretty good mood especially after the peircer told he couldn't peirce because she was still growing and ther would be a lot of problems but it doesn't bother her anymore. It stung on the way home and it turned red but I wasn't suprised I thought it would after a needle just got shoved through my stomach and it swelled and after about 2 weeks it started pealing but it is all cleared up. If you are thinking about it be like NIKE and JUST DO IT. If I can you can too. Now it is all cleared up and myself and everyone else love it but I am getting tire d of people asking did it hurt?. If you can't convince your parents tell them if it is the worst thing that you do they should be happy. If you want to e-mail me about anything at all I promise that I will write back as soon as I can. Remember if you think it is going to hurt just think it will only hurt for a little while and them you will have something to show off maybe for the rest of your life.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Mark
Studio: Peace+of+mind
Location: Brandon%2CFL

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