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My Belly Button Piercing Experience and How I Stretched It

ince I had gotten my nose pierced, I'd wanted my belly button done as well. I did try to do it myself, with a safety pin at home, but that failed immensly. I consulted a few piercing parlors in the area for prices, and I was blown away with rates as high as $75 for the piercing of my teeny little belly button. I was never going to pay that much for a piercing...unless it was my tongue or something of that nature that requires a lifetime of experience for. I was going to look somewhere else, closer to home. I had a friend that had needles and the sanitation equipment so I asked him if he would do the job for me. He obliged, entirely free of charge and even purchased me a CBR to do it with. This ring was an 18g, but it was okay, since he was doing the job entirely for free. I asked my mother if this procedure would be okay with her and, of course, she said yes. On a rainy day after school in October, I rode the bus to my friend's house, along with a few other of my buds because they wanted to hear me scream in agony. My friend had already had the needle and ring sterilized, so I laid down on his couch to endure the immense pain of the piercing of my belly button. As I previously mentioned, I had done it before, but with a safety pin, and it had gotten extremely infected (one night I was bored and iced up my belly button and went through the excruciating pain of shoving a tiny pin in there). He explained what he was going to do, then laced into me with the needle and I giggled immensly (don't ask me why), causing him to crooked the piercing just a bit and elongate the strain of bolts of pain that shot though my stomach. He hadn't the aid of forcepts so it ached very badly when he was doing it. After it was done, I went and threw up in his bathroom after having a phone conversation with his girlfriend, due to dissiness. I was proud of my belly button and of my friend, for putting up with me. The next day at school everyone scolded me for letting my wacko friend do the deed (especially since it was his first time doing a belly button), but I was proud, and was really hoping that my 15 year old belly button woudln't reject its new jewelry as many others were wishing it to do. I took perfect care of the little thing with nothing but anti-bacterial soap (the scentless kind--fragrance is a no no), and wouldn't let a soul touch it. It took about 2 months to rid of the pinkish skin around it and the frequent crusties, but I was willing to put up with the cute little thing since I had wanted it for so long. About five months later when I wished it to be healed, I purchased a new ring, with a larger bead and in black nobium (an 18g, of course). It looked fantastic, but that wasn't what I expected. I wanted a stretch, but I didn't know quite how to do it. Once, in May, I tried to stretch it with a lot of vasaline and a Lego (it was a cylindrical piece, used for, I think, the oar to one of the boats, and yes, the little plastic things kids play with) but that failed miserable and only caused me excruciating pain. I don't recommend stretching without a tapered object of some kind. In August of 1999, I finally found out how. I went out to breakfast at a fancy little cafe' in Perkin's Cove, ME. With their meals, they had little garnished with large toothpics with hearts on the tops. After I was finished eating, my friend dared me to stick the toothpick into my belly button and walk around with it like that all day (including the beach...and little shops we passed along the way). Of course, being the freakish little punk I am, I took the dare and shoved the huge toothpick into my tiny little hole. It bled quite a bit, due to the stretching, but I was proud. No one else was though, the thought it was vulgar and abusive to my body and I got quite a few stares walking around in a bikini with a fat toothpick with a heart on it stuck through my belly. When I got home, I purchased a very inexpensive ($4.99!!) lightweight 12g UV CBR and did the same thing with it. I was looking for a barbell of the UV nature but I couldn't find one, so I stuck to what was convenient. It was very hard to stick the ring in because I had replaced the stretched hole with my 18g ring, but, after careful analization, I lubricated the hole with vasaline and stuck the toothpick in for a second time. Then followed the ring with the end of the toothpick as I pushed it in. It bled a bit and ripped the skin a little, and I couldn't sleep on it for the night because of the pain. The procedure worked incredibly well, because now I have just the ring I wanted and in an extremely comfortable way (UV is the way to go if you don't want a saggy large gauge piercing, and it glows in a blacklight!). Yeah, it grosses out my friends, my mother, and my boyfriend but I don't mind. It took me awhile to (figure out how to) get it this way and I hope the size of the jewelry won't reject. It still looks a tiny bit crooked, but that's just the fun of it!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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