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The story of the self done Navel & Infection

typing out my (professionaly done) tounge piercing expirience to BME I remembered my bad fourtune less than a year ago. I'm currently a 15 y/o high school student. Begging my mom to get my tounge pierced a month ago took afew days, but it happend(Hey, I do have a hunk of metal hanging out of my tounge!!) Less than a year ago I was sitting in front of my computer, online just chillen. Then I got this idea "Navel piercings look so good, Why dont I get mine done" At this time, I knew if I asked my mom - she'd say yes after begging. But my father, never in hell. So I called my mom, She said she would take me to get it done if "Daddy" said it was cool. Then again, She also said "Why dont you get your clit pierced too!" & started cracking up laughing(I also heard this line 2 more times, When I asked to get my eyebrow done, Then when I asked to get my tounge done) So I called my biological life giver(daddy) & asked "No Way in hell!" was the response "When your 18 you can mutilate your body all you want!" I knew that was coming, I also knew an hour lecture was coming too & it did. This motivated me more. I sat back down at my computer & thought of another idea.. Do it yourself! I got enough ice to numb my body from head to toe, & a saftey pin(I dipped it in alcohol for 5min first, bad idea - since alcohol attracts dust & all that icky stuff. I iced up my belly for about an hour (still not very numb afterwards) & started to put the saftey pin thru(The safety pin was BIG, So I knew I could put almost any ring I wanted to thru it). Another mistake, I did it slowly. My belly button turned a bright red & burned like a motha! It hurt so bad that I took breaks ever milimeter I put it in. One Hour Later: It's done. I realize then, I dont have a ring to put tru it, SO I leave the safety pin in, closed & poured some alcohol on it. Mom Come's home: Well, Mom came home abotu 30min later. I showed her with the BIG safety pin thru my new hole. She turned white & kind of green. It looked like she was about to throw up "Pretty" she said "That safety pin compliments it, Especially cauz it's making me sick looking at a pin thru your skin!" hehehe "Are you going to show dad" "Hell YES!" Dad just was like "Whatever, great, what happens if it gets infected" Well, I found a gold ring since my belly didnt like any other metal I tried. It was thin, Dangly handcuff's. Whenever I raised my hand in class the barbell would pull on my pants & "OOOWWW" Would come from my mouth, everyone laughed Hehehe.. Musta been funny. i went to a local piercer & he said "Take it out & we'll repiece it" Hell no, I had it in the perfect place, It wasnt infected yet & I just wanted a new gold ring for it! (The piecer even said I did it perfectly.. He was just trying to get an extra buck) 3 days later.. My belly's not agreeing with me. I didnt get my new ring, they wouldnt sell it to me cauz I would'nt repierce it Jerks.. It's all red, in pain & a little yellow pus came out. I took the ring out & let it heal up. Fast forward one year: Now there's only a tiny white spot where the dangly handcuffs once occupied. & Now I have a nice professional hole thru my tounge. :) If you want it done, Get it done. DON'T DO IT YOURSELF! DON'T Have your friends do it for your. Go to a professional piercer that's licensed(if possible in your state/country) or get the next best thing. Dont use alcohol on any piercing! Dont put nasty/non-sterile objects thru your skin(i.e. BIG Safety pins! or small ones on that note)As with any piercing, take it seriously - dont mess around with it. Your body is YOUR temple - do what you like with it, just treat it right. If you have any questions e-mail me [email protected] anytime This is just the begining of decorating my "temple" I think it's going to go much further. Hey Mommy!! Can I get my clit pierced! LOL http://www.tribalways.com/ If your in the Boston area, go here for piercings. Awesome place, Extremely clean, Operated by a registered nurse(since there is NO liscening in MA for piercing shops this is the closest you'll get!) This is where I got my tounge done - No problems at all.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Me%2C+Myself+%26+I
Studio: In+the+comfort+of+my+own+home
Location: Boston%2C+Ma

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