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I finally got it done - and it looks GREAT!!!

anted my bellybutton pierced for absolutely ages now, but my Mum said not until you’re 16 (I’m 16 in December) and NOT before - wrong! After a year of nagging I’m finally allowed to get it done this month, at last. I’d always wanted a barbell with a pink jewel in it, and that’s what I got and I love it, it’s in the perfect position and it sits really well in my bellybutton.

Anyway, I heard it was good to eat loads of sweet stuff before you go for a piercing so I ate chocolate (which I love!) I had made the appointment for 4.30 on Wednesday, August 18th and I was getting really excited. I was surprised coz I thought I’d be really nervous but I wanted it done so much that all I could think about was how great it would look. (and it does). I'd imagined that when I get it done it would be all red and really painfull, but it wasn't atall and I was really surprised, so was my Mum. THE DAY OF THE PIERCING. I arrived at the studio before my Mum finished work so they asked me how old I was, 15, and I chose a surgical steel barbell with a pink jewel (don’t know the gauge, not very big coz I have a flat Stomach). I had to wait 40 minutes until these two lads got tattooed - I could hear the machines buzzing next door and when they stopped I knew it was my turn, finally. My Mum never went in the room but my Sister, 12, stood at the bottom of the bed so she could see everything, the needle going through and stuff!! I just looked at the ceiling the whole time. So, he cleaned the area first with some ethyl chloride I think and then marked two holes where he would put the jewellery. He said he would make the jewel sit right in the middle of my bellybutton like a belly dancer. I liked it, then, after putting the clamps on (this only pinched slightly, no pain) he sprayed on loads of this stuff to freeze the area. It worked straight away and he told me not to look down. The next thing I felt was something sharp and then some tugging, it hurt for a split second but it wasn’t really pain it was more a strange feeling as he slid the needle through. Then he put the jewellery in, I honestly didn’t feel a thing - I was done! I stood up so fast so I had to have a drink of water and a lollypop to get my blood sugar back up, then I felt just fine. It didn’t even sting when I got home ( I had to keep a gauze on for an hour) when I took it off it wasn’t even slightly red, just a bit of dried blood. He told me not to clean it till Friday so I cleaned it with the Savlon Wound wash I was told to use ( I was told only to clean it once a day, every morning). DAY 3 No pain whatsoever when I clean it and move it, I can’t even feel it when I sit down or anything! No redness or blood or swelling, it’s doing great.

DAY 4 Yesterday, NO PAIN, it looks like I’ve had it done for ages, no redness atall. I try to be x-tra careful when I sit down and stuff so I don't damage the scar tissue, coz it's very weak you know. DAY 5 - TODAY! Well I am sitting here writing this and am very happy with it and I’m surprised there was no pain or redness. Let’s just hope it heals well. I hope I can change it at Christmas coz I bought this bar with a turquoise stone in Tenerife two weeks ago. Also I am looking forward to going on holiday next year and wear my bikini to show it off. My Dad doesn’t know yet but I’m sure he’ll like it - it’s just the way I wanted it, and I think Ruby Arts is a really good place to get it done. So if you want to get your navel pierced, DO IT!!!! I Promise it doesn’t hurt and the younger you are when you have it done the quicker it heals. I was told mine should heal in 6-8 weeks (I hope so!). I can't wait till i go to see the rest of ym family next week so I can show them, although I don't think everyone will like it, but I do and that's all that matters! Best of all, when you get it done you’ll love coz it looks GREAT. Happy Piercing, Bye, from Suzan! P.S. E-MAIL ME! I will write back if you have any questions or want to chat. Oh and look for my picture in the gallery, alight pink barbell and my name under it, when I send it in a few weeks. BYE.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Mick+Shaw
Studio: Ruby+Arts
Location: Harrogate%2C+N+Yorkshire

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