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15/f and her naval story...

been desiding to get another piercing for a while now. Having just my eyebrow done was no longer enough. I was thinking of a few different things...my lip...my tongue...just wasnt sure! But I have a few friends with their navals pierced and I thought they looked really cute. (and not just because they are now trendy!) After consideration and a little talk with the rents I made my mind up. I desided to go in with my best friend, Kate. The day after pay day (my favorite day! No wonder I never seem to have any money!) we hopped in the car and headed towards our local piercing parlor. Electric Crayons (the shop I got it done at) is about a minutes drive from my house. My mommy said she would drive us, she is pretty cool when it comes to my piercing cravings, as long as it is coming out of my pocket! On the way there, Kate and I were pretty excited. I wasn't worried about the pain either. Kate kind of was but this was also her first piercing, so I promised to hold her hand. We blasted Sublime the whole way there. (makes the time go by faster!) Then at last! We pulled up next to their big lime green building! Once we got inside we noticed it was pretty crowded (damn!) and the ladies working said it would be about a 20 minute wait. (another damn!) Waiting is just evil. But, I talked with some mutual friends who were there getting their tongues pierced and looked at the snakes Electric Crayons keeps in back of their store. I talked with the mom and Kate intill 20 minutes came and went and it looked like the store was slowing down a little bit. Finally, its time! A lady said we could come on back to where the "piercing section" was. The place was covered in pictures and polaroids of people who had been pierced or tattooed there. It was cool seeing some of my friends up there. Kate and I picked out the jewelry we wanted at the counter. She picked a regular barbell and I got a barbell with a light blue "belly-jewel" on it. (very cute!) Kate went first. The lady was very nice and described everything in detail to us. She made us take note that everything was sterilized and she wore gloves the intire time. She clamped kate and slipped the needle in. She had a little difficulty getting the barbell in and clasped, Kate said thats what hurt the most. Then..yay!..my turn!!! I laid down on the chair and looked up to see a poster of a HOT naked guy. how relaxing, huh? I thought so. Anyways! She marked my naval with a pen and asked how I thought about it. Looked A-ok to me so we continued. She clamped it down and then stuck the needle in. NO PAIN, and Im talking NO PAIN. Maybe its just me and my tolerence to it, but I really felt nothing. She then slid the Barbell in and twisted the ball on. What a rush! and it looks so damn good, too! I got up and Kate and I admired our navals in the mirror. Mom says they phat! (quite the embarassment when the parents try to talk "hip", isnt it?) But moms pretty cool. The lady took pictures of our new piercings and my mom paid. I felt really good and I still had that rush going on so Kate and I went outside and smoked. On the drive home we noticed that mine was barely bleeding at all and Kate's was bleeding like a bullet in the gut! I guess it just depends... It has been three monthes since we got them done and both are healing pretty well. The naval is about the worst-healing piercing you can get, it takes a long time! Still, Im happy its done. It has been cool going back there with friends and seeing pictures of my belly button on the wall. Next week I am most likely going in to get my tongue done, (Ive wanted it for forever and a day!) and Kate is getting her eyebrow done. I recommend getting your naval pierced just be sure to go to a sterile place and read up on great sites like bme! If you are in the Seattle area I recommend Electric Crayons. The people there are sooo nice! Most of the piercers there are women too, which I like. They tend to be more gentle and more empathetic. I made the mistake of having a huge harley driving guy do my eyebrow, wasnt to gentle at all! That was at a different tattoo place in my area. Electric Crayons is also very professional and sterile. She explained everything and was very good with answering questions. Speaking of questions, if anyone has any feel free to email me! enjoy your piercings, everyone! Buh-bye!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Electric+Crayons
Location: Port+Orchard%2C+Wa

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