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my 16 year old pierced belly button :)

ll let me begin with making this clear : Im the biggest panicker EVER!! the idea of getting your belly button pierced was always foreign to me cause I knew I couldn't do it all I could think of was the pain and the stress which I would go through. anyway... so one day I was sitting bored in history class when my friend in the seat next to me showed off her newly pierced naval.. wow!! was I jealous not only did it look great but she assured there was no pain involved , she said it I believed it... That day after school I found myself in Primal Urge in Perth making an appointment for a naval piercing , and of course for moral support I made an appointment for my friend ( and told her later!! ) Thank god she didn't mind and agreed to go ahead with it all. our appointment was made a week after that.. and that week was soooo long.. by the time it was Monday ( the day ) I had read all of the experiences on BME and researched it all!.. I think this made me more nervous but at least I knew what to expect Ok so the day had finally come , we wagged school and spent the whole day eatinganything which contained more then 10 grams of sugar ( so we wouldn't pass out when getting it done ) when the time came I went in first .. after tucking my shirt into my bra and the usual.. Tracy ( the piercer ) put entry and exit holes on my belly button as well as betedine... I lay down on the table and waited for the dreaded clamps.. to my surprise the clamps were actually the least painful thing out of the whole piercing... another piercer was called in to hold the clamps while Tracy " pierced " me .. ok and so here's what happened... first of all , Tracy made sure that I was ready she told me not to thin about what was happening.. just to try and relax as much as I can ( yep! easy to say impossible to do ) , she said that before I knew it , it would be all over.. so I waited.. then suddenly I felt a sharp ( but quick ) stinging pain ( the needle going through) the room started to spin and for a second or two everything went blurry... Tracy was saying something but I wasn't listening I was too busy trying to focus on the spinning ceiling , after awhile he spinning stopped Tracy was telling me that she was now putting the jewelry in.. it was over!!I lay there for while then got up to have a look , unfortunately the only thing I saw was a belly button full of blood .. Tracy told me this was normal though because the needle was bigger then the actual banana bell bar( which I had chosen ) I admired it for a while then had to get back on the bed to wipe the blood away...she put a bandage covering and called in my friend. Now I sat back and watched it all being done.. :) it looked scary hehe I couldn't belie it .. I had finally done it! it has now been one week since all of this and im sooooo happy with my new jewelry that I recommend it to anyone.. its honestly not that bad and its worth it!! hehe the first few days I had to sit down and bend down like a pregnant women and it wasn't the pain that much it was just that I was scared that I might do something to it , it looked so fragile.. and I expected it to go red but it never did ( at first!!) now its red ( a bit ) but thats all normal.. every night in the shower I have to wash it out with the anti-bacterial wash I was given at primal urge and every morning I get up especially early to wash it out with salt water. Over all .... im in love with my belly button now! lol my friends are jealous... its a good thing to show off and my boyfriend and other guysthink its sexy..... its worth it!!! When I got home I think my mum got a bit of a shock , I had told her I was going to get it done but I think she always that I would chicken out.. hehe well this time I didn't. I have to hide it from my dad cause " he doesn't approve " hehe lol But thats ok , even if my mum didnt approve I would still have done it.. its the best thing , im so proud ot if all I ever do is sit there and stare at it.. all my friends have seen it , my mananger at work has seen it and half of my teachers have seen it.. :) Before all this I would have never shown my stomach to anyone and now!! hehe nearly everyone has seen it , as soon as i get the photos developed i will post it on BME :) so to anyone out there who isnt sure take mine and all the other peoples advice from all the other experiences on BME.. go for it , there will be no regrets :)

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: tracey
Studio: primal+urge
Location: australia

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