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Celestial has two navel piercings!

ial has two navel piercings! I was pierced from a very early age. At six months or so, my mother and father took me to have my ears pierced. Some have regarded this as being somewhat cruel to have my ear piercings forced upon me, and at such an early age, but I do not see it negatively. I had my ears done with a gun, and do not remember a single thing about it, I just remember having had earrings in my ears for as long as I can remember. My parents took care of my ears while they were healing, of course, and I'm very glad they did that for me. My urge to be pierced in places other than my ears started at age 15 for me (I'm now 18). There I was with my best friend in downtown Dallas with nothing on our minds besides fresh holes in our bodies and coffee milkshakes afterwards. She has decided on an eyebrow, and I had decided on getting my navel poked. Easy enough. So there we were at Taboo Tattoo and Piercing, getting pierced by Steve, if I remember correctly (It's been a while.) She went first, of course, being older and wiser. By the time he was done with her, I couldn't wait to step up to the plate. I got my upper navel piercing with your pretty standard stainless steel 14 gauge CBR, complete with hematite bead, and honestly I don't remember it hurting. The piercing that is. It stung, but nothing worse. I used Dial Antibacterial soap (yuk!) all throughout the healing process, and still to this day clean it ever day when I'm in the shower. I'm a firm believer in the philosophy, that a clean piercing is a happy piercing, whether it's healed or not. Fast forward to approximately three years later… right before my eighteenth birthday. I had the impulse for another piercing, and so I decided then and there to go get my navel pierced again, this time on the bottom. (Afternote: Although, recently there has been legislation passed in Texas government, making it illegal for those under the age of 18 to have anything pierced other than lobes. I don't know if parental consent overrides this, or what.) I wanted a curved barbell, which I thought would complement my beautifully healed upper navel, now sporting a 14 gauge rainbow colored niobium CBR. So off I went to Fine Line Tattoo and Piercing, to be pierced by Elaina. I took my boyfriend's brother along with me, as he seemed interested in watching, and was kind enough to accompany me. As we waited, I talked to a 14 year old girl, along with her mom, apprehensive about her first piercing, her navel as well. I assured her that it didn't hurt a bit, and showed her mine, which she was sufficiently impressed with. Alas, it was time! I now had butterflies, you know, that lovely feeling of anticipation before you walk in to get a new piercing. We walked back to the piercing room, and waited while she got her clamps, jewelry, etc. ready. I had decided on a curved barbell, with big balls. She prepped the navel area with Betadine, marked it, made sure the marks were even, made sure I liked where it was marked, and then had me lie down. PINCH Honestly, that's all I really felt. It stung more than I remember my first navel had, but that was close to three years prior. I have a 16 g stainless curved barbell in it, not by my choice, as I would have preferred a 14 g at least. That is one thing I would have changed about my piercing experiences; I wish that my piercers had offered me more options in jewelry, rather than just assuming that I wanted the standard. As I stood up to admire my new piercing, I realized the jewelry in my upper navel didn't match the jewelry in my lower navel! Not a bug deal, but while I was at it, I decided to have my older navel piercing stretched. So, I had new jewelry placed in my upper navel, this time, upsized to a stainless steel 12 g CBR which fit so much better and looked much nicer as well. I love having two navel piercings because they are visually and physically pleasurable to me, and many people who I've encountered with just one navel piercing, look at both of mine and usually become envious! Besides, I like being a little different than the rest! For this piercing, I have used PROVON, a medicated lotion soap. This stuff is the greatest; I would recommend it to anybody in a heartbeat. It smells more pleasant (to me) than Dial Antibacterial, and works so much better! I now have an eyebrow piercing, as well, on which I have used Provon, and it has healed beautifully. But that is another experience I will have to write about later. What's next in Celestial's list? Perhaps an industrial, who knows? Pictures will follow soon as well! Tips for those considering navel piercing(s): · Eat before you are pierced. Your blood sugar level will make a huge difference in how you feel afterwards. Nobody likes to be sick. · Do use PROVON on your piercing every day, cleaning it thoroughly and being sure to rinse the soap completely from the piercing. I clean once a day, in the shower, and it is sufficient. · Expect clearish "goo." Crusties are good too. If the piercing is red, hot to the touch, oozing green stuff, or looks odd, you probably have an infection. Call your piercer, or if you can't do that, visit your local physician. · Until it has healed, don't play with it! Playing after healing, is okay, and makes stretching easier, but make sure your hands are clean, and continue cleaning the piercing even if it is healed. It doesn't hurt to be clean! · Low-rise jeans will become your best friend, and a great tool for showing off your new addition. · Navels are erotic, too! I love it when my boyfriend tugs on my piercings gently! · DON'T do it because "so-and-so-had-one," or because it has now become popular, or for any other stupid reason. BE YOUR OWN PERSON. Picking jewelry that reflects your personality helps, too. (I.e. purple bead, because it's my favorite color etc.) · Your diet will help speed the healing time. I'm an ovo-lacto vegetarian, and eat a diet high in vitamins, and I seem to heal pretty quickly. · If you can't get it done, because you're 12 and no one in town will pierce you, just wait a while. There are some good reasons behind that, namely the fact that you are still growing and developing and it will be in your best interests to wait a while (maybe a couple of years) and have it done then. DO NOT PIERCE YOURSELF. I've seen too many scarred up bellies that are not too attractive. · My suggestions are not gospel. Everyone's experiences will vary! · Enjoy your new addition, safe in the knowledge that piercing is truly addictive. :) -Celestial "Cruel words sleep above me."

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: 1st+time-Steve%2F2nd+time-Elaina
Studio: Taboo+Tattoo%26Piercing%2FFine+Line+Tattoo%26Piercing
Location: Dallas%2C+TX%2FGarland%2C+TX

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