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The story of my nipple piercing

only 16 when I got my nipples done, and being only 16 with no parental permission or fake i.d. I had to have my friend do them.I couldnt wait the 2 years to turn 18. So, one Sat. afternoon we went up to Headliners in Nashua N.H. to get the piercing supplies we needed, a clamp, needle and 2 14 ga rings. A friend working at a tattoo place around the corner gave me this thick white lotion to put on my nipples 2 hours before the piercing was to take place to properly numb them. I went back to my friend's house to wait out the 2 hours, took some sedative sleeping pills so at least when I woke up I'd be groggy and maybe wouldnt realize at much what was about to happen to me, I was quite apprehensive about having a needle stuck through my tender nipples. Two hours passed and I was as ready as ever going to be. My friend marked my nipples on either side to make sure they would come out straight. The first one went smoothly, no pain, just a strange sensation passing through my nipple as the needle went through. I could feel the entire process but with no pain. The second one.... well that one hurt, the needle went through fine but the ring got stuck and just didnt want to follow the needle through. After a little gentle force it decided to go. I was pierced. Extremely happy with them but in much pain, and bleeding. That night I went to see Sam Black Church but even he coulnt keep my mind off the pain. I was also extremwly catious, someone bumping up against my fresh piercings I knew would be undearable. I could feel blood dripping down onto my stomach. But I was excited about them. I came home that night and said to my sister and her boyfriend, look what I did and whipped up my shirt. They couldn't believe what I had done. About 2 weeks later I felt completely healed, no more pain, I could even where a bra. Now 2 years later I can't imagine life, well sex, without my little nipples rings. There are many things I can do that I couldn't do without them. They come in handy with my new expierences with s & m. Chains, leashes, clips and clamps are easily attached to my rings. And I love the way it feels to be led around by them. The next piercing i got was my tongue. Not nearly as exciting. But still I like it. This one I got about a year ago, still not 18, but this time equipped with my fake i.d. This piercing was nothing compared to my nipples. Maybe because it was done professionally... or maybe because I went there high out of my mind. Mike, my piercer, put the clamp on my tongue, put the needle through, slid the barbell over and I was done. That night I felt it though, my tongue swelled to the size of the barbell, but still i was excited with my new piercing. Now, I forget I even have this piercing except for when I occasionally bite down on it by mistake, or when my mom tells me it's disgusting. If she only knew what I had in mind.... Recently I have decided to get another piercing. I saw a porno the other day where the girl had her clit done, it was the first time I'd seen one up close and I liked what I saw. Since then I've been purusing the internet for information. I have decided that I am too chicken to get my actual clit pierced, for one, the pain and for another, the thought of loosing all feeling down there horrifies me. No more cumming???! So after looking at countless pictures of female piercings and reading accounts of other's piercings, i have decided on the clitoral hood. I think it would suit me just fine. Next week I go. Not nervous, excited to go get it down to go show it off. I have decided to go back to the place where I got my nipple rings fixed. It's easy now that I am legal, and the guy who works there hooked me up with some cheap prices and I hope he will again. I like to tell people what I have pierced. It's nice to get a reaction. But always the question that follows is "Can I see?" Sometimes I give in and show them, usually. I like to hear them say "Wow" Sometimes I don't tell people at all and let them find out for themselves, that proves to be quite exciting also. I feel quite proud of my piercings.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: A+friend
Studio: Friend%27s+bedroom
Location: Ma

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