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twice the pain, my double navel

  1. I'm a 15 year old girl from NJ. I usually don’t do what everyone else does. I make a point to be different. I have an industrial, which I had never seen around my town.I LIVE on BME. I've read every story seen every picture, I dream about piercings, I live in a preppy little town where hmm 3 or 4 people have piercings beyond the everyday ordinary navel.I had gone with one of my best friends (heya soy) to get her navel pierced she didn't even know what was happening, I was more afraid than she was at the time. I think since then I desperately wanted one.. Not one though, three. You may be thinking, didn’t she get two? Well for now, two. They are both placed on top at an angle to each other. I'll be getting one on the bottom if my mother ever lets me. She has big problems with piercing, she thinks im mutilating my body or something. But she's agreed to this "piercings for good grades" exchange thing, but I'm not sure she'll still go for it after this. But if I'm lucky I'll be writing a few more stories on BME. Well, my mom and dad and I pile in the car ready to go. whoo. We were in a big rush, and I made the HUGE mistake of not eating. Ahh well. I wasn’t nervous. I had a horribly painful experience with my industrial so I figured navel couldn’t hurt a bit. I don’t know if it was cold in the car or what but I started shaking. oh well, gotta get pierced! We get to the place, and it looks realll nice. no sarcasm. An awesome girl with every piercing I want is at the counter. yay. Everything is looking good. I tell her what I want and show her the pic I printed off BME, oops, is that illegal? Well I wait a while, and I’m called back by a dude covered in tattoos. Not a problem. I thought he would mill around for a while talking to himself like my old piercer, but no. This guy was efficient. Set his stuff up, made the marks, got to it. He didn’t take out clamps hmm well it's all good. Well I’m expecting no pain. SO i'm smiling and he takes out the needle and pierces my poor navel, OWWW. Whoa that really hurt! It was like a really bad stinging feeling and another one once he put the curved barbells in. Maybe it was just because mine was kinda off to the side.I'm not sure, but I know it hurt. I asked for a minute and he was happy to oblige. Next one. From inside my navel to out, without a clamp. More pain. I stand up. oh no no no no. It's crooked! the second is higher than the first. I’m hoping this is some kind of swelling thing and it will fix itself. It may be due to the lack of a clamp. But I was happy, the curved barbells are much cooler than rings I think. Well I thanked him and we were out the door. I sat down in the car, and suddenly everything turned white, and a ringing started and everything seemed far away. I think somewhere in there I fainted but I’m not quite sure. My dad got me a sprite and it was better after a while. But it was definitely scary so eat before you pierce! Right on. It's the day after and I’m good. It's sore and around the second hole it's all purple. It's still crooked and I'm very unhappy about this.I've shown it too a few peopel and the first thing I hear is, "you know it's crooked right?" damn, I was goign for the hey that's sexy but instead I get Hey your crooked. Everyone is really getting a good laugh out of that.. It's been bleeding off and on. I'm washing it with provon, my third bottle of provon... lol. Well I think this may be the very first double navel piercing at once story. I’ll go down in Bme history or something right? cool. So if anyone is thinking of getting a navel pierce but doesn’t want to be too mainstream this may be for you. And don't think for one second it's just for skinny model-like people. I've always been super self concious about my stomach and I think I'm getting over it. Cause people aren't thinking ooh she's a lil chubby, they're thinkin, she's got hese huge metal things in her belly button, and that is definitely the response your looking for. Just make sure your marks are good.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: johnny+smoker
Studio: pleasurable+piercings
Location: hawthorne+NJ

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