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From one Piercing to Six Piercings : ) and more!!!!!!!

was in 7th grade my brother who I hadn't seen in a year come home, and was sitting next to me at the Dinner table with my whole family. My father was saying grace, and my bro leaned over and said hey Jenn, and he stuck out his tongue, which had this huge stake going through it, I nealy peed on myself, but after that moment I knew that I was going to have to GER PIERCED. It is now October 14, 1998 and I want a piercing I talk my parents into letting me get my naval done. It's innocent and cute, so they agree. I find a place called touch of a feather which I had been recommeneded to. So I went in, told the guy what I wanted, and Jesse, who is amazingly hott, prepped me ,and talked to me. I looked on the side table and there was all this freaky looking material, but I said, " oh well I want this done." He marked me, then clamped me, I breathed in, and poof I had my first piercing. WOW it was amazing I didn't think I would like pain so much, but oh my god I did. It hurt a little, but I could deal with the pain. I showed all my friends, who were pretty decent people, and who never really saw too many piercings. January comes around, and I want another piercing, this time I want my tongue done. I ask my parents, and because they give into what every say, teehee, they agree. So they come with me, and I tell Jesse I want my tongue done. He smiles and says ok. He takes me to the back, and I see the scary shit on the table again, and I begin to get sooo nervous. He told me to relax, while he clamps me. He puts this drool bib on me, and I drooled all over it. I breath in and out, then he pushes the needle through, and I WAS PIERCED again.. I walked out to the waiting room were I see this comic strip. There is this guy with his tongue pierced and he is talking to his dad, and the dude says, "My tong iz amost heeleeed" I laughed so hard. Despite the swelling and not being able to eat solid food, which was cool cause I lose a couple of pounds, It healed and now it's really fun to play with. A few months pass, And it's March now, I am 18 so I can get pierced without parental concent so I decide hey I want my nipples pierced. I take my sweet wholesome innocent and virginal friend Jon with me. ( he has never seen a pair of tits in his life) I tell Jesse I want my nipples done, so I go back to "THE ROOM" and I take my shirt off and my bra, Jon nearly creams his pants. He marks them, and then lays me down on the table, I was sooooo scared. He clamps my left one, then I breath and he pushes the needle in. It hurt, but not too excrusiating. THen he clamps the right one and pushes the needls through, that one hurt a lot worse, I guess bc I excpected it. jesse, "Hey Jenn you wanna see two needles through your nipples?" I look down and it was really strange. He puts the Jewlery in, and I WAS PIERCED once again. I get up and stand infront of Jon, who just stares, and says how do they look? He stutters and says really good. June rolls around, and I want to get pierced again, So I decide to get my hood done, and for you people that don't know what that is, It's the clit area. I tell Jesse I wanna be pierced, and he says what now, I told him and he said I was the bravest 18 year old he knew. Because I have a small structure I had to get a horizontal hood. I go into the back room and take my panties and skirt off, HE puts the gloves on, and looks and preps me for it, then clamps me. He tells me to breath in, And then I SCREAM. I SCREAMED LIKE A Muthafuka. It hurt soo bad, but I was happy. I WAS PIERCED Again. I couldn't walk normally for like three days, I looked like I just got off a horse, but now I am VERY HAPPY, with it August rolls around, and now I am addicted to piercings, and decide I want my lebert done. I go to Jesse, and he just smiled, but he was busy doing a tatoo, so I settles for the new really hott guy. He takes me to the back, and I tell him that I want a ring in my lip, and he says ok. he marks me, I breath, and I WAS PIERCED. IT didn't even hurt. ALL I HAVE TO SAY FOR YOU PEOPLE IS, PIERCINGS RULE ASS. I LOVE THEM, AND THEY LOOK SEXY AS SHIT. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GETTING ONE OR FOUR OR EVEN TEN. THE MORE THE BETTER. DESPITE A FEW DAYS OR COMFORT, FOR A LIFELONG AMOUNT OF PLEASURE.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jesse
Studio: Touch+of+a+Feather
Location: San+Antonio+Texas

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