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Belly Button Peircing on April Fool's Day

ry begins about 2 years ago, I when I was about 15 or 16 and I became facinated with something I had seen on television but never in real life- BODY PEIRCING. I became obessed with it, how it looked , how felt, and how much pain was involved. Well since that time I had decided that my tongue, eyebrow, or my belly button was going to be my first peircing. For those two years, I begged my folx to let me get it done, but of course the answer was always "You'll get an infection," "You'll scar your body and make it look gross," or "That's what those S&M people do isn't it (i think mom was joking around with this one but you cna't be sure)?" Finally, I got my belly button done On March 31, 1999 I finally turned 18 and had the right to do as I damn well pleased, and I told my folx I was going to get something peirced. My boyfriend, being as sweet as he is, gave me the money to get a peircing for my birthday. While my father grew angry, my mom begged not to get anything that showed. The next day, a few friends and I drove up to the peircing parlor, which was about 45 minutes away from my town. It was now I had to decide between my eyebrow,tongue, or belly button. Eventually, my friend Mika's car made it to the peircing place and we went inside. I felt very sick to my stomach and was almost to the point where I made her stop the car. But we drove father and eventually reached our destination. As we went inside, you could hear the buzz of the tattoing needle, which the sound annoys me and with me being VERY nervous (I wasn't sur e if it was gonna hurt or not or how my folx would react) I was totally on edge. Well, I filled out the paperwork and showed him my id and all the techincal stuff and then Mika and I were led back to the room where the peircing and tattoos are done, and I finally decided that my belly button should be the place for a piece of metal to be gauging out of. The piercer, Mike, told me to lay back on the table and so I did, holding my friend's hand. Mike began to do the whole cleaning thing and cleansed to area and I was getting so nervous I was almost to the point where I was shaking. Well, anyways he precced to put the clamps on my belly button which tingled and kinda hurt. Poor Mika, right about then I grabbed her hand so hard she almost screamed, but then Mike(i know the name thing is confusing) told me to take 3 deep breathes and hold the last one. I did! There I was clutching my friend's hand to agony wiating for the needle and then my peircers sez "You'r done" to which I replied "That's it???" then , I looked down to peer at my tummy and realized that there was a shiny little silver hoop going through it. I was told how to clean and stuff and went home that nite and did so. GOD...the first time I did that..IT STUNG LIKE HELL! So, the peircing wasn't all that bad at all...until I got it ripped two or three times from rough housing with my friends and I I have a pretty small cyst thingy around it, but oh well...it adds character. After I got peirced, my adrenal level was so high I felt that I could rule the world! unfortunately, I also found out that I am a very slow healer, so my button isn't completely healed up yet,...but it is working on it. My folx were actually quiet pleased that I got my belly button peircing considering that I "have such a pretty face..it would be a shame to screw it up." My father doesn't like my playing with it in front of him but it is funny to see him squirm like that. My mother peroidcally sez "let me see it...I want to make sure your are alright" I guesss that's a good thing that she cares about me but that type of concern drives me crazy. Next, I have planned on getting my labret, both sides of the lips, two in each eyebrow, a madison, surfaced peirced on my back, and my tongue done. Also, I want tribal abgels wings done on my back and all the zodiac signs around my left calf. So look for updates.....who knows??? I may become a human pin cusion :) Write me if you have any comments.....esp. concerngin whether or not I should tkae the peircing out considering the number of times it has been ripped and the whole cyst thing... Love, Dimintia66

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: SkinSations
Location: Ark+City+Kansas%2C+near+the+Oklahoma%2FKansas+Border

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