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What a Day!

an I get my belly button pierced?"I asked in my sweetest voice "No,you may not."she said as she put more clothes in the washing machine "Why not?"I asked "Because,it's ugly and it's a pain in the ass.It will get all infected." "Fine,fine,fine."I said walking away It went on like that for three and a half years.I don't blame my mom for saying no.I was only 11.But,my 9th grade year i laid down the line. "Mom,if you say I can't pierce my belly button,I'll do it myself."I say "Fine,you can get it done.I have to go to work.See you at 8:00." Needless to say I called my mom at work at least 5 times that day to make sure she was serious.I was so happy.In the weeks leading up to my piercing day i made piercing collages,piercing murals...it actually got kind of weird.My mom got worried.Then,the day came. we had a day planned.Shoping,piercing,go to the play Macbeth. There are about 4 or 5 places to get pierced in Burlington,but I chose to go to Body Art.My brother had all his tattoos done there,plus,they pierce minors. I went up the stairs and to the front desk.I told them I wanted my navel pierced,I signed a form,and then out of nowhere my piercer appeared.He was tall,and in his 40s.He had long hair tied into a ponytail.I wanted to touch his hair,but resisted. He brought me into a room and told me to sit down on this padded table.He explained that it was painless"Just a poke" he said.I laid down on the table and he marked me.All of a sudden,his daughter,a little girl all dressed in pink with nice blond hair walked in.She couldn't have been older that 8.She satdown in a chair next to me.It was while I was laying there that I realized i had never picked out any jewlery or gone over what guage to use.That got me a little worried,but I didn't say anything.My piercing dude went through the cleaning process ete etc then I heard him say"It's just a poke"then he pushed the needle through.He was right,it was just a poke.It hurt less than getting my ears pierced.Since I thought he was done I opened my eyes and looked down.I was shocked to find a really long needle hanging in my navel.I quickly shut my eyes.My piercer put in the ring.that was the worst.It didn't hurt but it was so uncomfortable I clenced my teeth.It kinda stung.Then,he was done.The whole thing only took about 5 minutes or less.He told me if I was feeling ok to sit up. then,he told me how to clean it and stuff,but I really didn't hear a word he was saying.I wanted to look at my new piercing. We left the little room,his daughter in tow.I looked at the ring that had been selected for me.It was absoloutly beautiful.it was a little silver ring with a little black bead on it.I loved it.There was no blood,no pain,not even redness.i showed my mom.She loved it more than I did.I paid the 40$,got my after care sheet,shook my piercer's hand,and left.it was of hard to bend over for the rest of the night,and the area was tender,but after the awesome play,I cleaned it at home and went to bed.When I woke up the next morning there were no crusties or blood.It felt great.i have had no problems with it yet. I recommend Body Art to everyone.It is a wonderful establishment.they were very nice and the price was good too.THEY WERE VERY ,VERY CLEAN.well,that's my story.Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments.note:It really helps to take a zinc supplement,and instead of using bactine or whatever,use pure tea tree oil.It smells good and is a natural anti-bacterial healer.I really recommend getting pierced when you are done growing.if I had gotten it done earlier I would have had my growth spurt and the hole would have gotten stretched and the ring could have risen to be off my navel area and be in the center of my stomach.I've seen pictues,and believe me,it ain't pretty.I just thought you'd like to know~


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Body+Art+Tattoo+and+Piercings
Location: Burlington%2CVermont

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