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Navel at 14

I had already had a total of six holes in my ears, three cartilage's and three lobes, I didn't even want to bring up the idea to my parents of another piercing. I was lucky to have what I had at the time. Even if I was lucky enough to convince my parents to let me get something else done, I was sure I wasn't going to get anything more than another one on my ear. So, I was going to try it. I was going to look for something on BME that was a little but further than a regular ear cartilage or lobe but still on my ears. (Don't worry this does get to my navel! :oD) I decided I wanted to get my helix done. I approached my parents with my idea. My mom was totally cool about it, but my dad is the one I promised before no more. But after about a day, everything was smooth sailing. Well, when I told my sister and my sister's friend what I wanted they thought it was a bad idea. They aren't really into body piercing so they thought the helix was too weird and freaky. My sister's friend has her navel pierced and thought I should go for that too. I always thought they were cool and nice looking, but were a little too trendy. So up until the day of the piercing appointment, which was Friday, July 30th...I was set on my helix. I woke up the morning of the 30th ending up with the worst sore throat in the world. I had had one the day before and it was so bad I had to go to the doctor. I ended up having tonsillitis, getting a shot in the hip, and being put on medication for the next ten days. I was so disappointed. What if I couldn't get my peircing? Well, throughout the whole day, up until 6:30pm, the time of the appointment, my sister and her friend were talking me into getting my navel. Finally, I realized my ears had enough work on them and I didn't need to attract anymore attention to them. So I decided on my navel. My mom was fine with the change, my dad on the other hand didn't like it, but he said okay. My dad was the one that took me so he arrived home from work about 6:10 and off we were to Body Piercing by Tracy in Oceanside, CA. We got there at about 6:40 and we told the girl behind the counter I had an appointment. She asked how old I was and I said 14 and then I pointed to my dad who was standing behind me. She got two forms out one for me to fill out and one for my dad. Then she asked if I wanted a curved barbell or a ring. I wanted a ring. I think barbells look rad too, but I always thought rings were cute and nice for the summer now. I picked out my bead for the ring, a really pretty metallic purple color. Then I paid her the $50. The girl behind the counter, whose name was Jessi, took the bead back to be sterilized and told me I could take a seat in the waiting room while they set up. It only took them about two minutes to set up, and they called me back into the room. I hopped up on to the huge doctor's like chair that was sitting straight up. First a guy came in and asked to see my navel. He said mine was nice and that it was going to be fine. Then he picked out the size for my navel, which was 14 ga. He also took that back to be sterilized. Then Tracy, the piercer, came in. She was really nice and I liked her from the start. She was really happy and relaxed and introduced herself right away, and there was just good vibes. She made me really comfortable, but I wasn't really nervous at all, to be honest. She also asked to see my navel, then asked me to lift up my shirt above my belly button. She covered my belly button and the area with iodine and then asked me to stand real straight so she could mark it. Then I went over to the mirror to okay the marking. Then I sat back down. She asked Jessie, the girl from the counter, to recline me back in the chair a bit, and then she asked if I was ready. I said yeah. She told me it'd be real quick and easy and to take a few deep breaths. Then she shoved the needle through me. I don't really want to describe it as a pain, because it wasn't really that painful, it didn't hurt at all. But, it was more like a pressure. Like, it was real tough to shove through. It was pressure, not pain. Then she slid the jewelry in and popped in the bead. I sat there for a few minutes and she kept walking in and asking if I was okay, and I said yeah I was fine. Then she went over the aftercare, and told me the navel is probably the hardest to take care of, and one of the piercings you really don't want to just let go and not take care of. Then I thanked her and I went out and Jessi and another guy there, I think his name was Chris because I think he's changed an earring of mine there before but whatever, went over the cleaning and aftercare again and I left. On the way home I stopped by Target and got the Liquid Dial antibacterial soap and Bactine. I clean it twice a day by soaking it in warm water, either by glass or bath tub, washing with the soap, and then rotating the jewelry making sure the bactine gets in the hole. I've had my piercing for two days and I love it. It's a little sore, which is understandable since I just had a needle shoved through it, but I don't regret doing it at all and I suggest you get it done if you are thinking about. It's painless and really cute! Thanks for reading! ~Lauren~

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Tracy
Studio: Body+Piercing+by+Tracy
Location: Oceanside%2C+CA

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