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My Rebellious Experience

it all started one day when my friends and I all went and got a second hole in our ears pierced and a hole at the top. Then my best friend said that she wanted to get her belly button pierced but couldn't because she wasn't 18. Well that made me start thinking and I got really excited and wanted to do it. I talked to my mom and about it that night and she clearly stated that she did not want me to do until she researched it and asked people who had it done. That night I had my sister look on the internet for me to see if she could find some pros on getting the naval pierced so I could print it off and show it to my mom. She didn't find anything that I wanted to show my mom though. I told my mom that since I am 18 I could just go off and do it on my own, but I am being kind enough to ask you first. She still said that she did not approve. I am the kind of person who wouldn't do anything without my mother's approval, but I really wanted to do this. My brother had gotten his tongue pierced without my pare I didn't want to wait so the next day I went to Rapid City and got it pierced. The lady had me sign the papers and pick out what jewelry I wanted. I chose a purple ball to go on the ring. Then the lady took me back to the room, and I had to leave my friends. She had me lay down on my back. She cleaned it and marked the area, then she stuck the needle in and I felt a little pinch. It didn't really even hurt. Next thing I knew she said "You're pierced." The lady gave me a paper of instructions on how to clean it and I was on my way. When I got home my sister couldn't believe that I had actualy done it. She had assumed that I would chicken out, but I proved her wrong. She just kept asking to see it. Nobody believed that I had actually done it. I am the first to admit that I am the biggest wimp in the world. So if I can do it and survive, so can any of you. When I cleaned it the next day it hurt a little to rotate it but not much. I showed everybody I knew except my dad. I figured my mom had told him but I didn't want him to get even madder at me so I wouldn't talk about it around him or my mom. My sister later told me that my dad had no knowledge of me even getting it pierced. I was so thankful for that because I know my dad, and I know that he would have refused to pay for my college then. Everybody thought it was fake because it wasn't red all around it like most peoples but mine was healing really well. Well, I started to get annoyed with it after a few days. I started to realize that it wasn't really the belly button ring I had really wanted, but I just wanted to do something rebellious before I went off to college. So exactly a week later I had my friend cut it off. My mom was very relieved to find out that I had gotten it taken out but was still upset that I had done it and wasted 75 dollars on it. I wanted to take my naval ring out after 2 or 3 days but I kept it in longer because of the fact I payed 75 dollars to get it done. I should have taken more time to think about it, instead of just thinking about it one day and doing it the next, but every teenager rebels at one time or another. I can't wait to see what my sister does when she is 18. She is thinking about getting her eyebrow pierced, but she says that she probably won't because of the fact that me and my brother had both taken our piercings out so soon. I won't be suprised if she doesn't do it though, because my brother and I are the middle children and it seems that we kind of end up doing the same things. My brother and I have both been to jail. I got an MIP minor in possesion I got caught drinking alcohol when I was 17. My brother was put in jail for doing drugs. So I have a feeling that my younger sister won't follow our footsteps, but she will follow the footsteps of my older sister whom she already reminds me of. To all you teens out there who want to rebel, I say go for it, it was worth it. Even though I only kept my naval ring in for a few days, I don't regret a thing.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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