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I Finally Got It Done!

i have been considering getting a piercing for some time now, and as my job involves wouking with people in offices i have to remain looking professional, so that ruled out any facial piercings, and my girlfriend really wanted to get her navel pierced. She knew that i was thinking about getting a piercing, and she said that it would be really sexy if i were to get my navel done at the same time as her. I thought about it for a few days, and i then thought what the hell. So we decided that the next time that she had a day off we would get it done. On the run up to that day which was about a week because my girlfriend is a nurse and works shifts. I began to think about the pierce a lot, one day i though yes i will do it and others i thoght no. But the main reason that i think that i felt like this was because i have never had a part of my body pierced. My girlfriend was great, she really calmed me down, she explained about the pain when she had her ears pierced, and one of her friends who has had a navel piercing for about three years came over and explained to her with me in the room, because my piercing is between us, as a way of showing how we feel for each other. Many people wear rings on their fingers we though one in our navels would be different. It also would give us the oppertunity to share not only the piercing experience with each other, but we could also then share the healing process by looking after each others piercings. Well that day came today, i met her in my lunch break at the piercing studio. We decided to get matching jewelery, 12 gaugue CBR's. I went first as she was feeling a bit nervous. There i was laying on the bed after being marked up, then Caroline put the clamps on my navel, which felt a little odd but it was not too bad. Then came the piercing, the part of which i have heard so many different stories about. I was laying there and i saw Caroline pick up the needle, so looked at me and asked if i was ready, i said yes and i watched a needle be stuck through my navel!. There wasn't even any pain, i felt a tug as the needle came out the other side but that was about it. Caroline inserted the jewelery, and then that was it it was done. I had my first piercing, ever!. Until this point i had not even had my ears pierced. Caroline cleaned up arount the ring and then went through the after care again. The same was done to my girlfriend, who has yet to tell her family that she has had it done this is because they went pretty mad at her for getting her lobe pierced for the second time, and also for the cartlidge piercing which she had done at the same time. The only difference between the piercing experiences of me and my girlfried is that her bled a more that mine, the amount of blood varies from person to person, but being a nurse a little bit of blood is nothing compared to some of the thing they see. Before we left the studio Caroline went through the aftercare routine for the fouth time in the period of the 20 minute visit so that was well drummed into us. We left Carolines on a great buzz, you read about there being a high but you can't actually explain it until you feel it for you self. I would say to anyone considering this piercing think about it before getting it done, but don't worry about it hurting when you have it done. After having our first real piercing experience we are now thinking about getting some more piecings together, i am currently considering a tounge piercing because i will be able to hide it whilst working, or possible a genital piercing. My girlfriend is considering either a vertical hood piercing or getting her nipples pierced. This piercing bug is addictive, and one piercing is never enough, i now understand how people start with one piercing and soon have 15+ I have now just got back to my office and i am sitting here considering getting more piercings, even my ears as i have a holiday comming up so by the time i get back i should be able to take the rings out. So far i have only shown one person other than my girlfriend, and she thinks that it looks really sexy on both males and females, she has now gone out of the office to get hers pierced at Carolines, as you dont need aan appointment. If you have any questions please feel free to mail me

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Caroline
Studio: Caroline%27s+Tattoo%27s+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Croydon%2C+Surrey%2C+England

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