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rst of all, if you want to have this done, JUST DO IT. that is my motto. even if you have the parents from hell, remember this, THERE IS ALWAYS A PLACE THAT WILL DO IT,(even if you are underage). i went on the boardwalk at seaside heights, and all they were looking for was ID, fake ID, real ID, your sisters ID (which was what i used), and they would do it, happily. they are all awesome down there, and incredibly funny, and nice. ANYWHO- just do it. hide it, show it, flaunt it, whatever. My personal expierence was funny as hell, i am so dumb actaully. the first place i went to get it done was where i met a guy who worked there a couple of months earlier. so i was fillin out the realease form, using my 18 year old sister's ID, (i didn't have mine on me)and i put down my best friends birthday instead of my sisters b/c they are both in march. i felt like such an asshole. so i couldn't even say hi to this awesome guy that i wantedt to talk to, and i couldn't get my stomach pierced, and by stomach i mean belly button. so i just went to the next place down the boardwalk and got it done there!!! Now if you are wondering if it hurts, that is kinda obvious. There is no anesthesia, no novocain, or anything to numb the pain. BUT, yes there is a big BUT- it really doesn't hurt that much. And if you have the guts to let some random person poke a hole in you, then your mind is corrupted enough not to give pain signals down to your stomach. THE MAIN POINT-it hurts but not a lot. it only hurts for about 5 seconds when you feel the ring actually being shoved through your skin-if you can't handle this talking then you can't handle the real thing. but after that, it doesn't hurt at all. at least my doesn't, and i got it very recently. Next, the people there should ask you if you want a care package, to clean yourself with- ADVICE- take the fucking package for the extra 10 dollars, you are goint to want it. Also, listen to what they are saying when they give you instructions, carefully. Don't put neosporin on it either, my friend did, and it helaed the wound, but the skin sort of grew around the ring so it will be hard for her to get it out. don't use hydrogen peroxide or fragrance soaps, or and the is the biggest don't... DON"T TOUCH IT WITH YOUR DIRTY FUCKING HANDS- in the words of the guy who pierced me. it will only infect it. always wash your hands and don't wear tight clothes. it you play sports, then you should wrap an ace bandage around your stomach. if you want, or what i did, was take cloth tape and tape on a gauze pad over my stomach, then apply the ace bandage around the whole thing. it will help, especially if you play soccer, which i do. it sucks when the ball hits your stomach, but the bandage will do wonders, and after you are done wipe of the sweat immediately and wash it with antibactierial soap (should come in the cleaning package, along with iodine-only use once a day). that should prevent infection pretty damn well. you can never clean it too much. but don't go overboard also, the point is to enjoy it, not to have another worry. if you have friends that have had it done, ask then for advice, it will always help, and if your parents won't stand for it, you can always hide it. but whenever a parent says i forbid you or i will disown you, know this- they are bullshitting. no parent on this planet can do that, its just not in the rules. they will accept it over time, could take years or months, it depends on how badly you want it. but i definitely recomend it, it looks good, you can't feel it, and you can always take it out if you don't like it. besides whats the difference between a belly button ring and an ear ring? one is just socially more accetped. it is absolutly ridiculous. they are just two random parts of the body. no different. can you say........ S-T-E-R-E-O-T-Y-P-E?? aaahhhhh, well there are so many other things, but i can't write them all my hand is tired... so if you have any questions or comments, PLEASE, your welcome to and feel free to email and ask me anything you want. thanks for reading, and good luck or happy healing! P.S. don't they look so damn cute??? sexy too. P.P.S. please excuse my spelling-too lazy to fix it

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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