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*^*3rd time lucky*^*

13 at the time and I really so badly wanted my belly button pierced so me and my friend (who shall remain nameless! because she'd kill me for calling her a wuss basically!) thought about it and decided our olds wouldn't let us get it done so we wouldn't even bother to ask them and decided to do it ourselves (Uh oh!) besides what the hell, it would be cheaper to do this way, anyway, I went to my freezer and I got the ice brought it back upstairs, locked my bedroom door and put it against my skin and gently stuck the needle through (it HAD been cleaned!) mines went through ok (hey I was feeling brave at the time!), then I went to pierce my friends (because she wouldn't pierce it herself) and I got the needle in half way in (with much yelling on her behalf) but then she backed out saying it was too painful, so stopped and looked down and then I was suddenly proud of my newly pierced navel (I thought to myself yeah! I done it), I went round showing everybody that would look at it (apart from the olds!)feeling very proud and secretly glad that my friend backed out cause everybody was now gasping and there was mixed emotions to mine, some would say "wow that's cool" "does it hurt?" and others would say "eeewww!" then about a week later, I was standing in my kitchen then I heard a clink, my hoop had torn the skin and fell out, (the clink made me jump though!) and then I looked down and seen it, my newly pierced navel!!!! (all my hard work, gone!) I so badly wanted it done and after I had it done it all went horribly wrong! so a few years later, it was when I was 14 I decided to ask my mum and dad and see how the felt about me getting it done (just out of curiosity) then to my surprise they said it was ok but there was a catch; as long as I went to a professional to get it done and didn't do it myself (oops!) (lets keep that between you and me!) so I decided to wait about a week cause I had my work placement that week and it was at a nursery school so I decided it would be for the best not to get it done that week especially if I was gonna be dealing with lots of little kiddies that could be dangerous! so the following week I walked in to the shop calmly with my parents and the woman came up to me and asked what I would like I said to her I wanted my navel done but with the ear piercing gun instead of the needle cause the needle looked too painful so anyway she said to me to take a seat while she went to get the gun ready, I wasn't that nervous when I was waiting, more anxious to get it done, and while I was waiting another woman came over with a block with tons of hoops on it, so I picked a little silver hoop with a little silver ball and a little blue gemstone on the ball so then the woman called me over to the cubicle where I was getting it done and she then put a little blue ink dot on where she thought it should go, she then asked me if I was happy with the dot so I said yeah I am then the next thing I knew was hearing a little click and that was it, it wasn't even sore! (although I'll admit it the click made me jump!) so that was it, I'd done it! the woman that done my belly button said to me 'don't keep the stud in for more than 3 days as it will start sinking in to your skin' so I then went home with my cleaning fluid in a little pink bottle, my cool new hoop and my newly pierced navel! great huh? so I went upstairs in my house (smiling to myself all the way!) and decided well um she said don't keep it in for more than 3 days, why not take it out now? so that's exactally what I did, Big mistake! I took the little gold stud out and tried to put my cool hoop in........ but it just wouldn't go in (and by this time it was hurting so much) so I went downstairs and my dad had a go at putting the hoop in but then he said 'you should have left it longer for the fat and tissue and stuff to grow around the little gold stud' we tried putting the hoop in with me standing up, stretching it, pulling it and even lying down, so eventually we gave up so that was it, my brave effort to get my navel pierced was gone, just like that, until my dad then said 'it's ok if you can bear it again, we'll go again once it's healed' I was over the moon at this (and luckily I'm a fast healer!) so the following month we went again this time I decided I was gonna keep it in the maximum time (3 days) luckily this time it worked and everything went ok in fact I've now got cool orange barbell with a spiral bit on it, in it, but I'm still not too happy with it, you see, when you get it done with the gun, they take less skin, and it makes it harder to find hoops and barbells just to fit that size so I'm thinking of getting it done with the needle, such fun! huh?!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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