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My DIY Navel Piercing age 11

ever since I was 11 (last year), I have seen people about with navel piercings. I thought "hey, that's cool!", And started to think about getting it done. I asked my mum, and she didn't mind, but at age 11, I looked like I was 14, which was still not old enough. I gave up on that, and made up my mind to have it done when I am 13. But as I saw more and more people with it done, I realised gow popular it was becoming. There wouldn't be a day that I'd go out shopping and not see at least 20 teenage girls with their cute little belly tops (midriff tops) and either a gold or a sugical stainless steel ball closure ring or a barbell, with technicolour jewels and gems. Even my tight-arsed all girls' school had loads of girls with them. Then my phase began. I needed to get something pierced, and it didn't matter what. I have my ears pierced, and that's it. I tried getting a needle and doing my top ear, and second ear holes, but the damn needle just wouldn't go through. I also tried my nose, and got it halfway through, and it wouldn't stop bleeding, but evn if it did work, as you know, my tight-arsed school (Wallington High School For Girls (England)) would never let me keep it. That was when I decided on my navel. Not only was it way popular, but it was discreet, too, so I could hide it at school. The problem? As with my nose and ears attempts, it didn't go through then, so I figured it won't work for my navel. I dodn't have a computer then, so couldn't look on the BME, so I didn't know what to do. I decided to just try, and thought "what have I go to lose?". It was a Sunday when I did it. My mum was out at the health club/ gym, and my dad was at work. Only my 14 year old sister was home, watching a video in her room. I went round the house collecting my tools; a compass (mat instrument), a cork, a 9ct gold creole earring, some ice, Sterets (pre-injection swabs that are 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, that my mum gets from work because she's a nurse) Some paper towels, and some Q-tips. I made my bed, and got a clean towel to lay out all my equipment out on, and took a shower. I came out, had some coke (the drink, not the drug) so I wouldn't have low blood sugar and faint. I got dressed in leggins that i rolled the waist down of, and a t-shirt. I took my compass (which was probably 16 ga), and lit the gas fire, and held my needle in it to sterilize it, until it glowed red, and let it cool and rested it on a Steret. I wrapped my ice in kitchen towel, and held it against my navel for about 5 minutes. when i felt my navel was numb, I sat on my bed, and held my navel to see where I should pierce it. I decided on a spot, and took the compass point to it. I started to push it through, and it went through the top layer. It wouldn't go any further, so I took the cork and put it on the other side. I pushed harder and harder, but it only went through a little bit. I kept pushing, and it went through, and it only had the bottom layer of skin to go through. The pain returned. I moved the cork and put the ice in it's place. It took about 45 minutes to reach this point, and I wasn't turning back. I decided to put the earring in, and I pushed it as far as it could go. I then took the compass and pushed it through from the bottom, so the two tips met. Then I took the compass out and pushed the earring all the way through. I was chuffed! It was quite red, so I bathed it with water and cleaned it with the Q-tips. Mum came home, and I showed it to her. She couldn't beleive i did it! But then I noticed it was too high up. It was like right above my navel and was far too shallow. I kept it, and cleaned it with salt water every 4 hours. But 3 days later, I had to take it out, because of the bad placement.I will do it again soon, and it would have worked if I had been lying down to do it. I recommend this if you cannot have it professionally done, but do lye down when you do it for better locationing. Do be very sterile, and take good care of it. Thanx. E-mail or just chat to me at: tequila_dream@hotmail.com Joanna

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+bedroom
Location: In+my+house%2C+London

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